Super Bowl 2022, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won against the Kansas City Chiefs, gathered 91.6 million viewers at the screens in the United States alone. However, this was a long-awaited and popular event and not only in America!

So, where there are large sports competitions, there are numerous watchers. And where there are numerous watchers, there are numerous ads. What about affiliate marketing campaigns launched during the Super Bowl? 

To help you understand how to set up a campaign for the next Super Bowl, we have gathered some statistics and insights from our Analytics team. 

The statistics below represent the worldwide ad performance 12-13 February 2022. 


  • US – United States
  • BR – Brazil
  • ZA – South Africa
  • TH – Thailand
  • ID – Indonesia
  • VN – Vietnam

Okay, so the USA was the GEO we actually expected. Brazil is a GEO where the amount of sports fans is near to the entire country’s population. What about the rest?

We could answer this question after taking a look at the top-performing verticals.

Super Bowl 2022, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won against the Kansas City Chiefs, gathered 91.6 million viewers at the


  • iGaming

As we can see, iGaming is ahead of all. Of course, logically, this is the most relevant vertical for sports events, but if we also take a look at the GEOs from the previous section, we will come to another interesting conclusion. 

iGaming is legal in South Africa, which is the key reason why we can see this GEO on top. 

As for Asia, namely Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand, the popularity of iGaming is not a surprise, too. These GEOs are known for their top-rated land-based iGaming, while the online version of this entertainment usually is a less-costly experience. Since Internet penetration in these Asian countries spiked in recent years, a lot of locals switched to online iGaming. 

  • Utilities

Utilities is the second-most-popular vertical, which is also easy to explain. This category includes VPNs, anti-viruses, and ad blockers – all the handiest applications for everyone who watches sports online. VPNs to reach blocked media content, anti-viruses to watch online safely, and ad blockers to enjoy the game with no interruptions. 

  • eCommerce

eCommerce was another top vertical during the Super Bowl, and we have an idea why. Not only the game fans are into buying sports-related products during the games. Also, let’s recall the date – it was 12-13 February, the high time to buy presents for your Valentine! 

  • Finance

Finance was less popular than the previous three verticals, but still noteworthy. Again, the popularity of Finance is also connected with the top GEOs, where trading, loans, and other similar offers gained more popularity in 2020’s.  

Ad formats + OS (traffic share)

Ad formatAndroidWindowsiOSMacOSOther

Onclick proved to be the best format to promote offers during the Super Bowl match with its traffic share of 64.7%. Push is second, but still efficient. As for the OS types, Android performed well for both formats, especially for Push. Windows can boast 26% of traffic share for Onclick, which means that a significant number of desktop users react actively to this ad format. 


Players (+10% CTR)


Stadium (+5% CTR)


Fans cheering (+ 6% CTR)


Images associated with the event you are targeting usually work the best. Good thing they perfectly match the iGaming vertical, the one on top. 


We found a couple of Super Bowl-related offers on Affbank. One:




And an example from Offervault



So, now you know that the Super Bowl is another great sports event to target. Considering the tendencies we noticed in 2022, you should keep the following in mind for you campaign in 2023:

  • GEOs: US, BR, ZA, TH, ID, VN
  • Verticals: iGaming, Utilities, eCommerce, Finance
  • Ad format: Onlclick or Push
  • OS: Android
  • Pricing model: CPA Goal
  • Additional tools: Demographics and Interests Targeting, S2S Tracker

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