Back At It Again: PropellerAds is Attending the India Affiliate Summit 2022!

PropellerAds - IAS22 banner

The affiliate events calendar is packed with amazing expos this year. But only a selected few create as much anticipation as the India Affiliate Summit 2022. And, after a short absence, PropellerAds is returning to the IAS with a huge splash!

We’re very excited to announce that we’re preparing a superb set of materials. And assembling a team of expert representatives for the India Affiliate Summit 2022. This exciting event will take place in New Delhi, and it’s set to be one of the affiliate events you simply can’t miss ?.

Soon we’ll announce more about a meetup that we’re organizing in India, before this event. Make sure to check our social media to stay updated. Hope to see you there too!

About the India Affiliate Summit

IAS22 will feature more than 2500 attendees, 700 companies, 300 advertisers and networks, 70 exhibitors, and 50 keynote speakers. And thanks to its magnitude, the event will take place over two action-packed days. Starting on the 14th of September and culminating the following day. 

Held in New Delhi, one of India’s tech capitals, the IAS will finish off with a socializing and networking event. Which is appropriately dubbed Influencer Hour.

You’ll be able to attend masterclasses, panel discussions, networking events, and presentations by insightful keynote speakers. 

Additionally, you’ll have the chance to stop by PropellerAds’ booth and check out some of the great resources our team has put together. 

Key Event Details

  • Date: 14-15 September
  • Place: Delhi
  • Venue: The Leela Ambience, Gurugram, New Delhi
  • PropellerAds Booth: #54 & 56
PropellerAds - IAS22 Booth #54&56 Venue Map
PropellerAds’ IAS22 Booth #54&56: Venue Map

Our Team of Representatives

We want to make sure that attendees have access to the broadest knowledge spectrum at the IAS22. So, we’ve put together a team of knowledgeable experts that range from senior account managers to strategists and other key members.

Our IAS representatives have been directly involved in the growth of PropellerAds over the last decade. Certainly, they’ll be able to provide insider tips on how to improve your performance. 

The PropellerAds IAS 2022 team consists of:

What You Can Expect from PropellerAds at the India Affiliate Summit

As is tradition, our team will bring a bundle of awesome resources and showcase how these can enhance your results. 

Just come talk to our team members about: 

  • CPA Goal – PropellerAds has auto-optimization and rule-based optimization features. Both of which can be extremely possible. And you can learn when to use each one and how to become an optimization pro by talking to our team in New Delhi!
  • Advanced Affiliate Funnels – Do you have a lot of great traffic that you weren’t able to monetize the first time around? Then our advanced features can help you create retargeting and interest-targeting strategies for max monetization. 
  • Sustainable Ad Scaling – At PropellerAds, we know that sustainable ad scaling is the only way to go. Find out more about scaling your operation with push and pop traffic. Plus, we’ll also cover performance boosters like push badges, direct links, and creative templates. 

Ready for the India Affiliate Summit?

The IAS22 is one of the must-attend events on the affiliate calendar. So clearly, the PropellerAds team is preparing a superb set of resources for attendees to take advantage of. 

Want to know more? Then get in touch with our team to book a meeting or come join us on Telegram, and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

See you in New Delhi!


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