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NEW SSP Features for Affiliates: IP Blacklisting & State Targeting

IP BlackList - state targeting

This week, we unveil two new Self-Serve platform features you wanted. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times: We love hearing from you.

And here you go – new targeting opportunities to buy traffic more efficiently and enhance your campaigns in a major way.

What are these new features:

  • IP Blacklisting
  • State targeting

Note: these tools are available for all ad formats. You can use them while creating new campaigns or editing old ones. IP blacklisting is currently open for Gold & Platinum account holders only – more about Propeller Priority account types.

Let’s review one by one and learn what these tools can do for you.

propellerads - ip blacklisting - new ssp features

IP Blacklisting

From now on, you can filter your traffic by excluding IP addresses, or even IP ranges that have a low conversion rate (or if you consider them irrelevant by any other reason).  

When do you need to use IP Blacklisting?

  • You know that users of a particular ISP (internet service provider), public WiFi hotspot, or even employees in a specific business /organization are not the leads you are looking for – simply exclude them.
  • When optimizing your campaigns. For example, if you check your statistics and notice that in certain areas, your pre-lander gets a considerable number of clicks, but conversions are low. What do you do? You exclude the entire IP range and save your budget.
propellerads - state targeting

State Targeting

Just like city targeting, state targeting does a similar job: you can choose in which states your ads would be shown to the target audience.

What verticals will benefit most?

  • Gambling – some states in India and the U.S. forbid online casinos, poker, etc. Before you had to manually add up to 50 cities to exclude just one state, now the very same can be done in a few clicks.
  • Local offers (taxi, food delivery, tickets) – more opportunities to target the audience in the areas that matter for your business. You can also test dynamic ads to get even better results.

Note: You can choose either city targeting or state targeting, not both.

Happy with your new targeting features? Share your joy! Didn’t find the tools you need? Suggest your ideas in the “Feature request” tab or go straight to our Telegram chat (we all hang out there).


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