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How to Promote Your Easter Campaigns with Native Ads


Easter is right around the corner, which in many parts of the world means that it’s time to bust out the colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies. This also represents a great time for affiliates to take advantage of Easter offers and create seasonal campaigns that help you reel in a good amount of money.

As you probably already know, native ads are becoming one of the most reliable formats available today. By leveraging the power of native, you can build an Easter campaign that has success written all over it.

Here’s our guide to help you create a winner Native Ads campaign for Easter.

A Scavenger Hunt for Affiliates: Easter By the Numbers

About 84% of the American population is planning to celebrate this religious festival. But, as with many other parts of the world, the celebration has become less about the religious aspect and more about the gift-giving. In the US alone, consumers spent approximately $18.2 billion to commemorate the Easter Festival last year, and that’s not including mainland Europe, Latin America, the UK, South Africa, and other major regions.

Affiliates can take advantage of the spending spree, especially those that operate in e-commerce verticals that are popular during this season. The list includes candy, flowers, sweepstakes, and email submits, all of which generate a huge amount of money. To put it in perspective, folks in the US spent more than $1.2 billion on Easter flowers in 2016.

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Best Geographical Locations for Easter Campaigns

Easter is celebrated in most continents, and native ads are a global success that has racked up great numbers in different markets. That said, there’s a handful of countries that tend to generate great results when combining native ads and seasonal Easter campaigns.


Brazil is the most populous country in Latin America, and it’s also one of the most advanced from a technological point of view. It’s predominantly Christian, so a lot of the population celebrates Easter shortly after the Carnaval is over, which makes it a prime candidate for a native-fueled Easter campaign.


Mexico has almost 130 million inhabitants, and like Brazil, most of them are pious enough to observe the holiday. And, some consumers are familiar with the bunny and egg symbols that are more traditional in the US and the UK, so you can exploit this GEO to improve your chances of success.

2000px-Flag_of_South_Africa.svgSouth Africa

Easter is a national holiday in South Africa, and it’s celebrated with public events. Businesses also launch seasonal promotions, which often translates to huge online spending that affiliates can benefit from.


Perhaps the most important country for affiliates building an Easter campaign, the US is home to millions of consumers who are waiting for the egg-and-choco-bunny-galore to begin. With this year’s spending projected to surpass last year’s total, you should start designing your campaign and make sure you craft creatives for your US audience very soon!

Verticals & Examples

As per usual, Easter offers can vary tremendously so you should take your time and find one that works for you.

Candy giveaways, Easter hampers, and other freebies are extremely common, but all advertisers are usually looking to generate leads and offer a great payout for them. Just remember to check if you’re allowed to use incentives, the specific GEOs, and the quality of the landing page before committing.

Here are some examples:

easter offer_example

easter offer_2

easter offer_3

How to Promote Easter Offers with Native Ads

Native ads are extremely powerful, but you need to know how to use them properly. Because they appear near organic content, native adverts should promote products that are within the same industry as the publisher’s page.

Due to the nature of NativeAds, make sure to make your ads look like an actual content. For example, listicles, news, blog articles. Find more tips here: The Reasons Why Your Native Ads Aren’t Working [Hint: Your Creatives]

For instance, you can get creative and use ads like:

  • 10 Best Easter gift ideas – We surveyed women about how their ideal gift would look like – Find out more!
  • Easter Lilies are a symbol for this holiday, so learn what flowers will work best!
  • The Easter Bunny has lost its eggs – Help find the Easter Bunnie’s eggs and get the chance to win an amazing gift basket!
  • Chocolate eggs scavenger hunt – Enjoy this Easter with a Scavenger Hunt and win a gift card today!

Content and Creatives

Your content should be funny and light-hearted. Focus on eggs, bunnies, chocolate, candy, and jokes, all of which usually work well for any type of e-commerce or sweepstakes Easter offers.

Help find the Easter Bunnie’s eggs and get the chance to win an amazing gift basket!

Give your ads urgency by mentioning that time is running out and imply that other people will get the good stuff if quick action isn’t taken. Looking out for local traditions and building ads based on your GEOs can yield great results during this holiday. Here are some tips:

  • Brazil: Use colorful dogs and cats in your content
  • Mexico: Focus on food and snacks
  • United States: Chocolate and candy are at the order of the day
  • United Kingdom: Hot crust buns and egg rolling events are a must
  • South Africa: Use national South African symbols

Easter Offers and Native Ads: Strategy Overview

Here are some tips to help improve the performance of your native Easter campaign.

  • Target Audience: According to statistics, 25-40-year-olds spend the most during Easter
  • GEOs: Create separate campaigns for Brazil, Mexico, the US, South Africa
  • Scheduling and Ad Frequency: Start 2-3 weeks before, increase bids and ad frequency as the holiday approaches
  • Number of Ad Sets: 3 to 4 sets that you can rotate continuously (Test multiple campaigns with the same targeting and choose the best performing one)
  • Make sure to use tracking; this way you can create white- and blacklists for increased efficiency
  • Ad Formats that Work Well with Native: Push ads, OnClick/Popunder ads

Have you already prepared your Easter campaign? What creatives have you used? Feel the need to discuss the topic – go ahead and join our Telegram chat, where fellow affiliates share their experience.


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