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[Case Study] Dating Offer and Native Ads (ROI 50%)

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Disclaimer: Please note that this case was provided by one of our clients, and the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of PropellerAds.

One of our affiliate marketers has managed to successfully combine a dating offer with Native Ads. As you can see, this kind of experiments can turn out very profitable. Are you up for experiments?

Ad Format: Native Ads

Offer:  AsianBeauties from Neverblue

Campaign period: Mar 30, 2019 – Apr 7, 2019


Total spent: $934

Total Revenue: $1397

Net profit: $463

ROI: 50%

No surprises here, people enjoy browsing websites and clicking the images. I like that too. And that’s why I decided to try Native Ads.

I’m not a pro. Previously I ran some Push campaigns, and before that, worked with Facebook ads. I’ll tell you about my first experience with Native ads.

An offer, landing page, and a pre-lander

I chose a dating offer with $5.25 payout per registration in the US. Well, not a bad payout for that GEO. The landing page I got from Neverblue. Users needed to fill in the registration form, and then they’ll have an opportunity to chat with a pretty girl.

Before I launched a Native campaign, I already had a tested creative, which was showing good CTR on Push.

The ad copy was very simple. It was all about the picture.

Text: Would You Date an Asian Woman?

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The bidding model

The plan was to create a CPC campaign, check which zones are converting best, and then launch a CPM campaign targeting those high-converting zones.

My hopes were with a CPM campaign. According to multiple tutorials I’ve studied, good CTR combined with the CPM model allows buying traffic much cheaper. By the way, this method worked with Facebook ads as well.

The first stage (The CPC campaign)

Buying the Push traffic, I’ve figured out how things work. I also decided to get at least 50 impressions for each ad zone. After that, I was adding these zones to the blacklist regardless of the CTR (by clicking Zone Limitation «Exclude» in the account settings). I did that to redirect traffic to zones that weren’t tested yet.

I spent $50 and got $58 for 11 conversions. So, the profit was $8. Not a huge profit but it showed me the right direction. Then I decided to scale this campaign to CPM.

The second stage (The CPM campaign)

I created a CPM campaign and targeted zones with the CTR higher than 0.7% (Zone limitation “Include” in the personal account).

Then I blacklisted all the underperforming zones. After all the testing, I had 8 zones, with two of them generating 80% of the profit. I spent $884 and got $1339 for 255 conversions. The profit — $455.

Summer Rush: Choosing a Perfect Dating Offer

The bottom line

I spent $934 and earned $1 397. So, my profit for a week was $463. Not bad for a newbie!

Stats from PropellerAds:Stats from Neverblue:

In conclusion

For now, I can’t share any deep insights into Native Ads, except that you should be ready to spend some budget on testing. But I think, if you are into affiliate marketing – you’re prepared for that.

I wish you all the best: high CTR and conversion rates 🙂

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