Disclaimer: Please note that this case was provided by one of our clients, and the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of PropellerAds.

Here we have another great case study from our affiliate zeddy.ru! Let’s begin with a brief overview:

Ad format Push Notifications

Offer: Be-2, Cpamatica

The campaign period: Dec 25, 2018 – Jan 20, 2019

Geo: Romania

Spent: $217

Revenue: $410

Net profit: $193

ROI: 89%

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I like conducting experiments with Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries.

First and foremost, the traffic is cheaper; secondly, you get ad investments to pay off without tap dancing around. But the competition level remains the huge factor anyway. Well, I think, cases and countries like that one would be perfect for newbies. What is a Tier of Traffic and What Tier Should You Choose?

Offers, landing pages, payout models

This time around an offer for Romania – pay per lead ($1,36) – has drawn my attention. Even a plain and simple adaptive LP didn’t scare me off (there weren’t any other landing pages or pre-landers).

Desktop landing
Desktop landing page
Mobile landing page
Mobile landing page

I chose tried-and-true Push traffic from PropellerAds with CPM pricing model. Compared to CPC, CPM model is much more profitable for clickable ad creatives; I knew this from my experience. But, anyhow, you have to test everything thoroughly in every single case.

Summer Rush: Choosing a Perfect Dating Offer

The campaign settings

Frequency capping

Nothing special here. The only change I’ve made was decreasing the ad frequency to 1/168. In other words, I restricted the number of impressions per particular user to one time a week. This way, you can avoid the so-called “ad fatigue” effect. Users won’t be bombarded with the same ad creative in every push notification they get. And you also won’t have to pay per impressions for «cold» audience, which isn’t interested in your offer.

Ad creatives

I’ve found a photo of a cute girl online, then checked the copy in Google Translate. I always write simple sentences to avoid any possible errors. In this case, the girl says something like:

Title: Hi, how are you doin’  

Description: I need a friend

I often add emoji when there’s a need to show the «human side» of the offer, but this campaign was without them.

User activity & bids

I opted for a high user activity level: it’s all about fresh subscribers who aren’t yet bored with Push ads. The optimal rate at that time was $0.35 (CPM).

Platforms and devices

Targeting settings were also quite “traditional”: Mobile, Android. While running this campaign, I’ve added a significant number of ad zones (wich didn’t convert well) to the blacklist.

The bottom line

Before the optimization

This campaign worked for almost 25 days: from December 24 to January 20.

Total spend: $201,02

Stats from PropellerAds:


When the campaign’s performance started to drop, and the blacklist got too long, I decided to run a separate campaign using my whitelist. Also, I made some changed to creatives – a different photo and Push Notification copy sprinkled with some emoji:).

The changed ad creative

Stats from PropellerAds:

Spent: 201+16 = $217

Affiliate program payout: $409.95

Stats from Cpamatica:

I could optimize even more, but on January 20, my affiliate manager asked me to stop my campaigns, at the advertiser’s request. After that, they decreased the payout to the miserable $0,5 for that combo.

So, try, try, and try again, cause different GEOs can bring different results for the same offers. As it often happens, «rested and ready» audience takes well some offers, that seemed to be squeezed oranges.

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