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Affiliate World Dubai 2023: PropellerAds Is Attending in Style

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The affiliate industry is full of amazing events and conferences. But, if there was one event to rule them all, that would definitely be the Affiliate World Dubai conference

As such, our most knowledgeable team of representatives will be packing their suitcases very soon – PropellerAds is going to this prominent event. 

But not only are we announcing our attendance at the Affiliate World Dubai 2023, but we’re also doing it in style. 

Keep reading to find out more about this superb event, who we’re sending, and what to expect from our team. 

About the Affiliate World Dubai 2023 Conference

Did we mention that the Affiliate World in Dubai is a really huge conference?

Jokes aside, the AWD’23 promises to bring together thousands of attendees, hundreds of stakeholders, and some of the most innovative individuals in the entire affiliate industry. 

The exchange of knowledge and industry expertise will be at an all-time high. And PropellerAds will be right in the midst of it all. 

Here are some of the important details about the event:

  • When: 1st and 2nd of March, 2023
  • Where: Dubai
  • How to find us: Booth #C08

And what is waiting for you at AWD’23? Here is what:

  • 35 live speeches, panels, and QA sessions
  • 5,000+ attendees
  • 110+ countries
  • 40 traffic sources
  • More than 170 affiliate networks
  • 6 networking evenings

Our Team of Representatives

Dubai is a modern, innovative city – the perfect setting for one of the most influential events in the affiliate industry. 

We’re sparing no expense and holding back on nothing this year – this is evident in the group of knowledgeable representatives we’re sending to the AWD’23.

Here are the experts you’ll get a chance to meet and talk to during the event: 

  • Alex Vasekin – CEO
  • Julia Larionova – Head of Marketing
  • Svetlana Leyton – Events Team Leader
  • Daria Bushkova – Events Manager
  • Renz Gonzales – Head of Business Development
  • Andrey Bloshcanevich – Senior Business Development Manager
  • Anton Zhukovskiy – Business Development Manager
  • Anastasia Khegay – Senior Account Strategist
  • Anastasia Valiaieva – Account Strategist
  • Sofia Yakovleva – Senior Account Strategist

What Attendees Can Expect from PropellerAds

As always, PropellerAds will eagerly participate in coworking sessions, exchange ideas with interested affiliates, and overall share our expertise about the advertising technology space. This will include presentation of our own innovations like SmartCPC, our transition to multisource, and much more. 

However, not only do we care about technologies and innovations, but also looking out for the well-being of our current and future partners. 

Because of this, we’ve set up a Rejuvenation Station, which will feature an oxygen bar. We invite you to tap into this fountain of youth, stay healthy, and come catch a breath at Booth #C08.

Leading the Way: Our Renz Gonzales Will Deliver a Talk

Renz Gonzales, who is among the industry’s most knowledgeable minds and is also one of our longest-tenured team members, will be one of the featured speakers at the AWD’23. 

The Head of Business Development at PropellerAds, Renz will be sharing his expertise on the big stage, so make sure to check out the event schedule if you’d like to attend his presentation and book some time to speak with him in our booth. 

See You at the Affiliate World Dubai 2023!

Are you ready for one of the premier events in the affiliate calendar? The Affiliate World Dubai conference is totally worth your attention, so come to enjoy the marvelous event and get in touch with us to schedule some time with our team of experts! See you in Dubai!

So, get in touch with us for any details and, of course, don’t forget to join our Telegram chat today! 

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