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psychology-guest post
Guest Expert

How Psychology Can Make Users Take a Precise Action

In this post, we will explain how some psychological "shortcuts" can help the user take specific actions - the actions you want him to perform.

5 affiliate NLP techniques
Advanced Tutorials

5 Affiliate NLP Techniques that Never Go Out of Style

We’ve put together a comprehensive article that explains neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), its benefits, and some techniques that you can implement into your campaign...

Pricing tactics -Numbers
Affiliate Marketing

Your Affiliate Handbook to Pricing Psychology (a.k.a. The Magic Numbers)

We’ll take a look at the definition of psychological pricing, go over a few examples, and discuss the best approaches you can start implementing today

Can Colours increase the CR
Affiliate Marketing

Psychology for Affiliates: Can Colors Affect Conversions?

We’ll go over the theory of color psychology and how affiliates can use this concept to improve the conversion rates of their ads

Emotional Targeting
Affiliate Marketing

Emotional Targeting: Does It Really Work?

Let's talk about emotional targeting, if it works, and check out a few tips to help you implement this approach into your ads and affiliate campaign as a whole

affiliate mindset
Affiliate Marketing

7 Tips to Achieve the Right Affiliate Mindset and Overcome Common Challenges

We’ll go over 7 tips to help you achieve the right affiliate mindset and overcome common challenges that up-and-coming affiliates face.

micro-moments for affiliates
Affiliate Marketing

Micro-Moments: The Affiliate’s Action Plan for Success

We’ll go over the definition of micro-moments, tell you why they are special, and give you tips to take advantage of these golden opportunities

Best CTA buttons
Affiliate Marketing

11 Proven CTAs for Affiliates

When most people make a decision – whether it’s to wear, eat, or buy something – they believe it came simply from the fact that they wanted to perform this action.

psychological tricks for affiliates
Affiliate Marketing

9 Psychological Tricks to Increase Conversions and Make People Buy Your Popcorn

We want to show you how you can exploit cognitive biases in your campaigns, improve your CTRs and conversions and eventually make people buy YOUR popcorn

Customer pain points
Tutorials for Beginners

No Pain, No Gain: How to Understand Your Customer’s Pain Points

Learn effective methods to identify and address your customers' pain points for enhanced satisfaction and business success. Start understanding today!

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