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The number of people regularly visiting websites from their mobile devices continues to grow, so does the share of such visitors on your websites. In this article we will tell how to monetize 100% of your traffic in the most effective way with the bundle of our high-performing formats Onclick PopUnder ads and Mobile Dialog Ads.

Despite the fact that our Onclick Pop-Under works on virtually any devices and provides monetization of the larger part of your mobile traffic, to get the maximal income we recommend to combine it with Mobile Dialog Ads.
When setting up the bundle of these two formats, the increase of income occurs mainly due to the fact that advertisers use different offers at certain formats, so the setting up of additional format significantly increases the fill rate.
In this case we will examine how the publisher’s earnings have changed after the setting up of Dialog Ads format in addition to Onclick Popunder, and also will look at some important aspects that should be considered when choosing ad format for mobile traffic.
Let’s look at the personal account statistics of one of the publishers.

  • Until 2014-04-02 the publisher used only the Onclick Popunder format, showing ads both for desktop visitors and mobile visitors (click image to enlarge)


  • On 2014-04-02 the publisher has additionally set up the Dialog Ads unit, displaying ads only for mobile visitors (click image to enlarge)

As we can see, over the next 20 days the publisher additionally received from 20 to 50% of income daily.
On this site the portion of mobile traffic is about 30%, that represents a rather significant figure for websites, not adapted exclusively for mobile visitors.
Also, from the above statistics, you may observe that placement of Mobile Dialog Ads format hasn’t led to the drop of a number of visitors, both from mobile devices and as a whole, all fluctuations are negligible and are connected with such factors, as day of a week, updates on the website, etc.
In conclusion, we will answer the most frequently asked questions.
1. For how much will my income increase after setting up the Dialog Ads in addition to Onclick Popunder?
We cannot answer this questions as far as all websites are unique. Obviously, one of the most important features in this case is the share of of mobile visitors of your site. The higher this share is, the more income increase you may expect. You can evaluate the share of mobile traffic on your website with the help of web analytics services, for example Google Analytics
2. Is it possible that the setting up of Mobile Dialog Ads format can adversely affect the number of Onclick Ads impressions?
A slight decrease of the number of impressions over Onclick Ads is possible, because when the user enters from the mobile device first of all he will see the Mobile Dialog Ads, but anyway the total income will be higher than when using only one of these formats.
3. Is some additional website optimization is required for the Mobile Dialog Ads format?
No, it is not required. This format works on any websites and is shown only to those users, who visit your website from their mobile devices, even if the website is not mobile optimized.
4. To what extent the Mobile Dialog format is SEO-friendly? Can it lead to sanctions from the search engines?
As it can be seen from the demonstrated statistics, the use of this format did not have negative impact on the number of website visitors. But, of course, we cannot give 100% guarantees that in individual cases the sanctions will not follow, as far as the search engines consider the combination of factors.
First of all, you should remember that for your website to stay attractive for users, first of all you should try to fill it with interesting and demanded content, and regularly update it. Then no sanctions from search engines will threaten you.
5. Can I set up the Mobile Interstitial format in addition to the Onclick Popunder?
At the moment we do not recommend to set up the Mobile Interstitial ads format in addition to the Onclick Popunder, since our tests have shown that the Onclick Popunder+Mobile Dialog Ads bundle provides the highest income.
We hope that this case will be useful to you while choosing the format for traffic monetization on your website with the maximum efficiency.

If you need more help with the settings of ads formats, you may contact our technical support team at any time. We will conduct the analysis of your website and help to select and carefully adjust the formats individually, according to your wishes.

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