We are happy to present a brand new option in our Self-Serve Platform for advertisers – targeting by users’ browser. Now you can easily reach the right audience for your products and make your offer desirable and profitable.

Why is it important?

Proper targeting helps to deliver the right offer to the right people. How does it work?

Let’s say you want to promote your iOS app or Chrome browser extension. Adjust your campaigns with our browser targeting tool. And your ad will be shown only to iOS or Chrome users. You can also easily exclude any browsers that don’t suit your product or service.

So you’ll quickly see how profitable a well-targeted campaign may be!

Still not advertising with us?

Self-Serve Platform from PropellerAds is a convenient and flexible tool that allows advertisers both large and small, to buy traffic of the most popular audiences at extremely attractive prices.

  • More than 650 mln. ad impressions across 100,000 partner sites daily
  • Flexible targeting settings
  • Attractive prices for worldwide 3G traffic with targeting on mobile carrier
  • Intuitive interface + traffic estimator (a tool to assess the potential scale of the campaign)
  • Most effective cross-platform advertising format OnClick PopUnder
  • Minimum deposit is only $100!

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