Our affiliates share how to run sweepstakes CPA offers and make some serious profits. Learn how to drive sweepstakes traffic to maximize your ad campaigns.

smartphone giveaway roi 80%

[Case Study] Smartphone, Push Notifications & Thailand ($2800 Profit + ROI +80%)

A new case study and a Thailand offer. How to earn a solid profit on low payout offers and why mobile carrier targeting of PropellerAds is a cool thing?

iphone 10 sweepstake

[Case Study] iPhone X + German traffic ($1900 Profit)

Discover how an iPhone X campaign targeted at German traffic generated $1900 profit. Learn strategies for maximizing returns on tech products


[Case Study] UEFA Champions League Final + Giveaway (ROI 87%)

It’s just about time to make some money from this event. How? Here's a case from one of our affiliate marketers, who managed to capitalize on the hype

Samsung galaxy S9 case study

[Case Study] Sweepstake Samsung Galaxy (ROI 78%)

First, I launched CPM campaigns and targeted at "All" user activity groups. Then I was A/B testing to see what ad copy had the best CTR. After that I calculated the effic...

sneakers cc case study

[Case Study] The Sneakers, CC Submit and Sweepstakes (ROI 87%)

This wonderful offer I’ve found at AdThink while rummaging through the catalog of offers. There you’ll find quite rare ones.Back to the case. One of its key advantage...