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New Essential Tool: Offer Optimization + [Case Study]

Propellerads - offer optimization

Meet the Offer Optimization – PropellerAds new smart feature to boost your campaigns and help them reach the peak of their performance quicker.

Intrigued? Time to learn how this magic works!

How does it work?  

Offer Optimization tool is a PropellerAds’ proprietary technology, based on machine learning algorithms and real-time analysis. It “memorizes” which ad placements performed the best with a specific offer, and the next time you promote the same offer, the algorithm would refer to the collected statistics and adjust traffic delivery to use the most efficient ad placements. 

The feature is available only for the “Gold” and “Platinum” account holders. You can learn more about the Propeller Priority program here. 


Here’s a step-by-step flow: 

Say you have a new offer you wish to test, here’s your “to-do” list:

  • Make sure you set the S2S postback correctly.
  • While you create your first campaign for this offer, you need to name your offer – for example, “Offer #1” (you can choose whatever title you want). It will be assigned to your new campaign
  • If you decide to test your offer in different GEOs – make sure to assign “Offer #1” to all campaigns you start with this offer.*
  • While campaigns promoting Offer #1 are active, our system collects data on how each ad placement performed and automatically creates a list of highly-efficient zones and the ones that didn’t demonstrate spectacular results
  • Later on, when you decide to start another campaign with Offer #1, all you have to do is choose Offer #1 when you set up your new campaign. Offer Optimization will be enabled automatically
  • Our system will refer to the statistics of your previous launches and adjust traffic distribution in order to spend less on low-performing ad placements and get more traffic from well-performing ones. The maximum result can be achieved after 10-20 campaigns (depends on the vertical and offer type). 

What do the numbers show [Internal test results] 

We asked our traffic expert team to share the results of our internal Offer Optimization tests. 

Two similar campaigns were running for 7 days. The first one had no Offer Optimization, for the second one, we enabled Offer Optimization and assigned the relevant offer name (the statistics for the offer was collected in advance).

Campaign settings:

Test period: 7 days 
Format: Popunder ads 
Pricing model: CPA Goal 
Conversion flow: extension, install as conversion 
A landing page with a simple registration form,
No pre-lander 
GEO targetings:  CA, CH, DE, FR, GB, NL, US
OS Type: Desktop
OS: Chrome OS, Mac OS, Windows
Browser: Google Chrome

Statistics after 7 days of test

Without Offer Optimization393684094550.242.32
With Offer Optimization333388099850.32.91

Conclusion #1: Offer Optimization provides conversion growth 

On the screenshot from our internal tracking, you can see 2 campaigns. The first was launched without offer optimization. The second was launched with offer optimization enabled. 

Let’s see and compare how the statistics improved:

1) The second campaign received less traffic (3.9M vs. 3.3M) but got more conversions (9.4k vs. 9.9k).

2) The conversion rate (CR) grew by 25% from 0.24% to 0.30%. It means we started getting more conversions with less traffic, so we’re using traffic more effectively and getting more relevant users. 

3) Our campaign with Offer Optimization saw an increase in conversion rate, and the CPM grew from $2.32 to $2.91 that made our ads more competitive and capable of winning more auctions and get better traffic.

Conclusion #2: Offer Optimization helps re-distribute traffic and save budget 

Except for conversion growth, we clearly saw improvements in traffic delivery. The ad placements that were performing poorly in previous tests were registered in the system and, in the next launch, were automatically limited. 

In the beginning, the zone brought 30k traffic but didn’t have conversions. 


In the next test, the system used data on previous performance and automatically limited our zone. So it brought 2 times less traffic and saved us some money. 


It works the same way for well-performing ad zones. We noticed the zone that brought 99 conversions during the first test. 


In the next test, with the same offer, the system tried to get as much traffic as possible from this ad placement. The campaign received 45% more traffic. 


FAQ &Tips on Offer Optimization

  • Should I name my offers with their real names? 

Nope, you can give your offer any name that is comfortable for you to use. You can name the “Virus Hunter” — “Virus #1” or “1234 offer” or whatever your imagination suggests you. Just make sure that you remember the real offer hidden behind “Virus #1,” and you can choose the right offer name next time when you start a campaign with “Virus Hunter”.

  • Will we share offer information and statistics with other advertisers?

Nope. Our system matches offer names only within your account. This means that statistics from your launches are only used to improve your campaigns. Even if some of our clients picked the same offer names for their campaigns, the system won’t match their statistics with yours, and it won’t affect your ads.

  • Does Offer Optimization work for all campaigns?

For now, it’s possible to use Offer Optimization only for Onclick CPA Goal 2.0 campaigns, but we’re working on transferring this technology to the Push Notification ad format. 

  • What if I have 2 similar offers with different conversion flows? 

It’s better to name them differently, our system collects information based on conversion data, so different conversion flows are considered different offers. 

  • *What if I have 2 campaigns with the same offer but targeting different GEOs? 

To get the best results, assign both of your campaigns the same offer name (in case all other offer details and settings are the same). 

  • When will I see results? Is it really worth using?  

Offer Optimization is more about improving your long-term strategy. However, It’s a good idea to enable it for every new offer you see potential in, especially if there are several GEOs to test. 

The results might not be obvious for you, but in reality, your campaigns will go through the test period quicker, save your budget, and use the most relevant traffic for the test. 

  • Can I use Offer Optimization for similar offers? 

You can also use Offer Optimization when you promote similar offers. For example, you can use the data from one sweepstake offer in a campaign with another similar sweepstake offer (still conversion flow, offer type, vertical, and payout rate should be the same). However, even similar offers can show different conversion rates, so there is no guarantee your new campaign will benefit from the collected data. 


Meanwhile, you can join our GRAND Telegram chat with lots of experienced affiliates 🙂


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