Lunar Fortunes Promo from PropellerAds: Grab the COOOOLEST Prizes!


Do you hear that noise? Yes, it’s the celebration time, and the whole earth is shaking! The fireworks are blasting in the sky, and the mighty paws of dragons and lions are hitting the ground in a cheerful dance.

This is the Lunar New Year, the time of joy. If you are ready to roll in and grab the dragon by its golden tail – you are at the right place. We are celebrating and giving so many cool gifts – iPhones 15, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch, and more. 

The spirits of luck and prosperity are benevolent to PropellerAds partners, so we announce a bright and noisy Lunar Fortunes special promo for customers, and you are welcome to take part. Get ready to unpack your special gift and maximize profits!

The rules of the Lunar Fortunes giveaway

  1. Top up your account using the promo code LUNAR. Please make sure you use the code because this is the only way to apply for a final prize giveaway!
  2. Increase your spending during the promo period (February 5th –  March 15th), compared to the previous period (December 28th – February 4th).
Current account level in PropellerAds Ad spend increase to join the promo

3. So, we draw 34 prizes for those who manage to complete the conditions revealed above during the Lunar Fortunes promo period. You can see the live stream of the giveaway on our Instagram (and don’t forget to subscribe).

Prizes that can become yours

  • 2 iPhones Pro 15 
  • 3 Apple Watch
  • 4 AirPods Pro
  • 25 Bonus coupons on traffic (5 promo codes of $150 for minimum deposits of $150, 10 promo codes of $100 for minimum deposits of $200, 10 promo codes of $50 for minimum deposits of $300)
PropellerAds - Chinese New Year 2023

More details

  • All ad formats are welcome 
  • All verticals are also welcome, but we suggest eCommerce, and for a reason! This vertical is one to grow significantly (especially, in GEOs like ID, US, TH, PH traffic grows for at least 25%) during this period of the year
  • Please remember that multi-accounting is considered cheating. It is prohibited and such participants will be immediately excluded from the promo
  • To enter the promo you should spend the money on running campaigns
  • Please note that the promo code does not work with Wire and Advcash payments
  • Please note that the spending is calculated per client, not per account

Questions? Сontact us:

The celebration is coming, so wait no longer – make your campaigns rolling, and tons of money and gifts falling into your pockets! 



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