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TOP-5 AI Lead Generation Software: How to Use It Right?

ai leadgen software

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The lead generation process requires meticulous planning and execution involving in-depth research and data analysis. This takes a lot of time and demands great effort.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of AI lead generation software which aims to drastically shorten the time spent on leadgen planning and execution and make the whole process easier for you.

In this blog post, we talk about the benefits of AI leadgen tools, explore the best ones, and tell you how to use your lead generation software the right way.

What is AI Lead Generation software?

AI lead generation software is a tool that automates and improves the process of finding and capturing leads. It can analyze data from different sources and digital channels and create highly targeted lead lists. As such, it has become one of the most effective solutions for leadgen and customer base growth.

How Can AI Lead Generation software benefit your business?

AI leadgen tools have a plethora of benefits for businesses, including but not limited to:

  • Automates the process of finding leads
  • Improves lead nurturing
  • Generates high-quality leads faster than traditional methods
  • Reduces costs
  • Helps identify the leads that will most likely convert.

5 Best Lead Generation software (2024)

There are many AI lead generation tools available to marketers today, but not all are equally good. To bring you the best ones currently on the market, we’ve considered their features and rating scores.

So, here are the top 5 leadgen tools to help you streamline your marketing process.

#1. Albert.ai


Albert is a cloud-based AI tool for lead scoring. It’s compatible with existing business systems, CRMs like HubSpot, Zoho, and Pipedrive, and marketing platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and X Ads.


  • Cross-channel execution – helps marketers find qualified leads across channels (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube).
  • Predictive analytics – predicts which channels and campaigns will perform best.
  • Automated data analytics – analyzes historical and current customer data and behaviour.
  • Real-time monitoring – provides real-time data on campaigns’ performance.
  • Open rate and CTR boosting – helps determine the best time for sending emails to increase open rate and CTR
  • Marketing automation – automates audience targeting, optimization, and ad creation.
  • Autonomous – it can work autonomously, thus allowing marketers to focus on crucial processes.

#2. Seamless.AI


Seamless.AI is a free lead generation software focused on social media. It collects non-personal data from websites and social media platforms and analyzes them, allowing you to categorize prospects based on their characteristics.

With that, you can send personalized messages to your audience, yielding increased engagement and higher ROI.

This tool is compatible with platforms like Google Ads and TikTok Ads, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Monday.com, Brevo, and Insightly. 


  • Real-time search engine – searches online sources to find contact and company profiles, verified emails, and phone numbers.
  • Social media lead gen – helps target the right audience, craft posts, test several strategies, and monitor campaigns’ success.
  • Leads listing – builds targeted lead lists.
  • Pitch intelligence – understands buyer needs and preferences and tracks buyer intent.
  • Sales pipeline optimization – for higher conversion rates.
  • AI-powered writer – for creating sales copies.

#3. CoPilot AI


CoPilot AI is a platform focused on LinkedIn leads outreach and content optimization. It integrates with LinkedIn and provides prospects data and insights, thus helping you personalize your outreach and increase lead engagement. 


  • AI-driven prospect filtering and insights – identifies which leads are most likely to convert.
  • Contact management – allows you to categorize and manage prospects’ data.
  • Video prospecting – generates and delivers AI-powered video messages in bulk.
  • Real-time conversation intelligence – with smart reply and smart inbox features, CoPilot AI generates and sends messages to prospects.
  • Automatic lead emailing and follow-up reminders
  • Content generation – generates content ideas and engaging social media posts.
  • Translator – translates messages to different languages.
  • A/B campaign testing
  • AI-generated replies

#4. Customers.ai


Customers.ai (formerly MobileMonkey) is an all-in-one AI lead generation software that automates your outreach and marketing processes. It helps you find and engage high-potential leads, launch automated outreach campaigns, and grow your email list fast.

It’s compatible with other CRMs, like Salesforce, marketing automation systems like Semrush, Zapier, Klaviyo, SendGrid, and Sendlane, and apps like Meta.


  • B2B lead capture and segmentation – analyzes website traffic, looking for customer profiles that match your ideal customer’s characteristics.
  • Outreach campaign analytics – real-time campaign performance data and optimization.
  • Message automation – including emails.
  • Data integration
  • Meta ads – restores meta ad retargeting audiences.
  • Visitor audience synchronization
  • Customer journey insights
  • AI copywriting

#5. useArtemis


useArtemis is a B2B lead generation tool for data extraction and automated outreach campaigns. It helps you find and reach out to prospects, convert them to leads, and nurture them.

It’s compatible with marketing automation platforms and CRM systems like Salesforce, Zoho, Engage, and Marketo.


  • Social media and website scraping
  • Multichannel outreach –  allows marketers to automate outreach and personalize messages to prospects.
  • Conditional sequencing features – automates workflows based on users’ engagement level and timely and relevant follow-ups.
  • Data enrichment
  • Prospects management – analyzes, filters, and categorizes customers.
  • Monitoring and reporting – provides detailed reports and analytics so that businesses can track their campaigns’ performance.
  • Team collaboration features
  • Email finder browser extension – conveniently export contact information as CSV or Excel files.

How to Use Your AI Lead Generation Software to Find Quality Leads?

Both, paid and free lead generation software is of great help to marketers as it allows them to do more in less time. And, here’s how you can use your lead gen tool to get quality leads:

  • Find prospects. AI tools can easily find prospects’ contact information by scrapping websites and social media channels.
  • Gather and analyze prospects’ data, characteristics, and behaviors. Create a buyer persona/ideal customer profile and determine the likelihood of a lead converting.
  • Automate and personalize communication. Deliver messages likely to attract leads and recommend products tailored to their needs.
  • Conduct A/B testing and see which version of your content is the most successful.
  • Appoint AI chatbots and VAs as your communication assistants and improve communication on social media and websites.
  • Automate email campaigns. AI lead gen tools can optimize and write your emails, choose the best time to send emails, and more.

Although lead gen software makes your job easier, it comes with risks associated with its use. To ensure you don’t make a mistake, we’ve prepared a list of pitfalls to avoid.

5 Pitfalls to Avoid

Inaccurate or low-quality data. This can compromise your leadgen tool’s performance, resulting in ineffective targeting. So, don’t forget to double-check each prospect’s data the tools provide you with.

Compatibility issues. Ensure the lead gen tool is compatible with your existing systems and seamlessly integrates with other programs and apps.

Lack of training. If you or your staff don’t know how to use the software, you/they will struggle to adapt, leading to low-to-none efficacy and lots of wasted time. So, if you plan on using AI lead generation software, offer employees proper training or get one yourself.

Overrelying on the tool. Use your lead gen software to make your job easier, but don’t forget to do your job. 😉 Relying too much on tech without any human effort and monitoring leads to missed opportunities and wrong decisions.

Data privacy & security and compliance issues. Collecting and saving personal information can raise concerns about complying with GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM regulations. To avoid this pitfall, establish a transparent and clear privacy policy, obtain informed consent, and offer a simple opt-out or data deletion.

Final Thoughts: AI Lead Generation Software as Marketers’ BFF

AI lead generation tools immensely help marketers find and reach out to prospects. They shorten the time needed to find leads’ personal data and contact information, help create a marketing campaign that attracts leads, and automate various marketing and lead gen processes among others.

In this way, they improve your lead generation and marketing efforts, leading to more qualified leads and increased ROI.

Supercharge your lead generation strategy and watch your business soar to new heights!

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