Track your PropellerAds campaigns with Voluum easily

We are proud to present our new arrangement with Voluum – #1 tracking service for affiliate marketers and media buyers.

The Voluum team has added Propeller Ads as a predefined traffic source. What does this mean for our partners? Now you can set up tracking of your ad campaigns’ performance with a few clicks! Advertisers that use Voluum don’t have to spend time setting up parameters for PropellerAds postback URL anymore.

How to use the predefined traffic source template?

  • Log in to your Voluum account and choose the “Traffic sources” tab.
  • Click “New traffic source” and then click on the “Traffic Sources Templates” button.
  • Select “PropellerAds” from the list and Voluum will pre-populate all the necessary settings for postback url.
  • Don’t forget to change “REPLACE” to actual IDs (aid, pid & tid) from “Conversion Tracking” screen in your advertiser’s account.

Detailed step-by-step guide is available in our Knowledge Base.

Why should you track campaign’s performance?

We recommend you take advantage of working with Voluum as it is the easiest way to get enough data to control, analyze and optimize your campaigns.
With Voluum performance tracking software you can:

  • make your campaigns profitable by buying only the best converting traffic,
  • control and separate your traffic by OS types, devices and GEOs,
  • quickly form black and white lists in your CPA network dashboard,
  • see every user who brought you conversions,
  • add hundreds of campaigns, make A/B tests of offers and landing pages,
  • be aware of almost every factor that can influence your funnel.

For more information about Voluum tracking solutions, visit the official website.

If you have any questions or need assistance with setting up conversion tracking – contact our support team from your advertiser account.

Boost your campaigns’ ROI with PropellerAds and Voluum tracking solutions!

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