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how to migrate from facebook
Affiliate Marketing

10 Reasons to Scale your Facebook Campaigns with PropellerAds

Scaling your Facebook campaigns just became that much simpler. All you need is to migrate from Facebook to PropellerAds, and enjoy all the benefits

Covid19 - what you can't advertise
Ad Trends

What You Can’t Advertise During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Discover what's off-limits in pandemic advertising. Stay compliant and informed amidst COVID-19 restrictions

offers not allowed on FB
Affiliate Marketing

Verticals & Offers Affiliates Can’t Advertise on Facebook

Discover the affiliate niches barred from Facebook ads. Navigate restrictions, find alternatives, maximize ROI!

potential of blockchain
Guest Expert

The Potential of Blockchain in Digital Advertising | Ending Facebook’s Dominance

The blockchain will likely be able to offer better targeting tools, as well as being a positive step for those supplying the data

NewsDigest_number6 image
Industry News

AdTech News Digest | Net Neutrality, Facebook’s Cryptocurrency and Alibaba Becoming Top eCommerce Platform

Check out our summaries for the most important updates in the world of online advertising and digital marketing as a whole

News Digest number 3
Industry News

AdTech News Digest | Crypto & CFD Ads Updates, Mobile Research, and Native Ad Trends

Discover the latest insights on Crypto & CFD Ads, Mobile Research, and Native Ad Trends. Stay ahead with our comprehensive updates and analysis

FB bans crypto ads
Industry News

Facebook Bans All Ads for ICOs, Bitcoin, and Other Cryptocurrencies

Facebook announced their new advertising policy to ban all ads “that promote financial products and services such as binary options, initial coin offerings and crypto....