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Champions League Final 2022 Stats and Creatives
Affiliate Marketing

Champions League Final Campaigns: Stats and Creatives

Thinking what campaigns to launch for this Champions League Final? Check the stats, creatives, and best practices in here. Hint: It’s time to launch now!

Ramadan 2022 Insight
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Insight for an Abundant Ramadan and a Lavish Eid al-Fitr, 2022

Ramadan has started, but there’s still time to launch successful Eid campaigns. Check the stats and best practices for a great Eid al-Fitr campaign.

propellerads sports events boost conversions image
Case Studies

Sports Events: Why Should You Care Even if You’re Not a Buff?

Sports events are perfect for your campaigns since they can boast of incredible popularity, and therefore – potentially bring great revenue. Just seize the moment!

Black Friday - CPA_Offers
Affiliate Marketing

Black Friday: The Blackest Offers from Top CPA Networks

We decided to make this excitement more tangible and collected the sizzling hot offers from various CPA networks.Everything from sweepstakes (for all those old-fashioned ...

sports betting calendar 2019-2020

[FREE PDF] Sports Calendar Season 2019-2020

Remember our recent ? webinar on Sports Betting? We keep our promises - here's your copy of the Sports calendar for the season 2019-2020.

Event targeting for sports betting webinar image

[FREE Webinar] Event Targeting Master Plan for Sports Betting

Should you place your marketing bet on event targeting When you are dealing with sports betting, the answer is a definite “Hell Yeah.”

Affiliate Marketing

The Subtle Art of Event Targeting [+Real Case]

Events like New Year holidays, Black Friday, and the big sporting events (for example, Super Bowl, UFC, Champions League, World Cup, etc.) represent an exciting time for