This is as real as it gets! We’re giving away $6,000 in Prizes for our Future Land Promo! Plus other 3 cash bonuses, straight on your account balance. Aaand other publisher account benefits. 

Did we manage to catch your attention yet? Great! 

Here’s what you need to do: Future Land Promo Rules and Conditions

Just follow these 5 simple steps to get your bonuses. 

July – September: 1st Phase – Monetize with OnClick

Add the OnClick tag to your website, and keep it running continuously during the entire promo period, starting from July 1st until September 30th. And you can easily qualify for the first Future Land Promo reward. 

Happy 1st of July Future Land Promo for Pubs

And yes! We’ll count all your OnClick Popunder campaigns’ daily spend, be it: Popunder JS, Direct Link, and even Popunder inside Multitag.

To enter the promo, just pass through the wormhole filling up the Promo form with the subject: ‘I wanna play’. (You can find the form on the Future Land Promo official page!)

And you’re ready to start collecting your first benefits:

#1. Weekly payments with a max hold of 4 days instead of 30 days.
#2. The chance to get your personal AI inspired human account manager.

July: 2nd Phase – Start Collecting Cosmic Bonuses

Keep an average daily earning of $20 minimum on OnClick, during the first month (30-day period). And get your first cash bonus, on your account balance – THE EQUIVALENT OF YOUR AVERAGE INCOME FOR 1 DAY with OnClick.

1st bonus = Your average income for a day monetizing OnClick ⇒ The higher your daily average income – The Higher your bonus

The $20 average daily earning means that we are considering the overall average of the 30 days.

So it won’t matter if you get earnings lower than $20 some days, as long as that month’s total earnings divided by 30 days will be at least $20.

August: 3rd Phase – Double Bonus

Hold your average daily earning above $20 on OnClick Popunder, for the second month (30 days period) as well. And score your second bonus – THE TOTAL OF YOUR AVERAGE DAILY INCOME FOR 2 DAYS!

September: 4th Phase – Triple Bonus

Continue maintaining your average daily earnings of at least $20 on Popunder, for the third month (30 days period again). This way you get the third bonus – THE EQUIVALENT OF YOUR AVERAGE DAILY INCOME FOR 3 DAYS!!

It’s The 5th… Phase: Future Land Super Raffle – $6,000 in Prizes

On October 6th, 2022 we’re calling full warp speed ahead for all contestants who started using the Popunder tag on July 1st, and entered the Super Raffle filling up the registration form! 

And you can find out if you’re the luckiest of all and the winner of the $3,000, $2,000, or $1,000 Grand Prizes of the Super Raffle!

Why Popunder Technologies?

OnClick Popunder is the most well-known full tab ad. And with this special Publisher’s Promo, it’s also your key to skyrocketing your profits. 

This ad format completely skips the banner ad stage, transporting users straight to a site or landing page. But only once they finished using your website.

The Core Benefits of OnClick Popunders

Dynamic & High CPM Rates

The CPM payouts for Popunders are significantly higher than traditional display ads. And they help you get up to 200% higher revenue.

Easy to integrate

When you decide to start monetizing with OnClick you can just paste a simple ad script in the source code below the <body> tag and start earning.

Get paid for every impression

Working with Popunders you get paid for all the visitors who see our ad offers! That is because we count every impression the OnClick ad is getting. 

Clean & Safe Ads

And lastly, Popunders don’t affect your UX and audience. Moreover, this format works perfectly with any of our other 6 monetization methods, including Vignette.

Ready to beam up into the future?

And for more info about affiliate marketing or to chat with like minded individuals, check out our Telegram chat


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