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Cookie Apocalypse: The Countdown Is Already On

Google announced that third-party cookies from its Chrome browser will be blocked next year. How to survive this cookie Apocalypse? Let's discuss

PropellerAds-Apple-and-Facebook-Updates image

Restricted Reach and Tougher Control: Apple and Facebook Updates All Affiliates Should Know

If you are ab affiliate who works with Facebook and AppStore, then this article will come in handy - there are significant changes you should keep in mind as well as sugg...

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[Video] Traffic Performance This Spring + Expert Interview

The spring months are usually hard to predict in terms of performance. The pandemic has further confused the issue, making it even more complicated to forecast which vert

Device vs Conversions - research

This just in: Your Targeting Might Cost You 60% of Your Conversions

You can have 60% more conversions by changing one little thing in your targeting settings. We’ve checked the stats, and it turns out that all it takes is to change the ...

Sports campaigns

Sports Just Became More Profitable Than Ever

All about the most debated sports vertical of 2020. Is it gone? Is it really that hot? ?That plus stats, forecasts, and how to crush your competitors at this (i)Game.


[Video] Traffic Performance During the Shopping Month + Expert Interview

The festive week is upon us, and it's a great time to look at how this year played out in terms of traffic. The last few months have been extremely busy with the biggest ...

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