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[Video] Traffic Performance This Spring + Expert Interview

The+Traffic+Performance+in+March image

The spring months are usually hard to predict in terms of performance. The pandemic has further confused the issue, making it even more complicated to forecast which verticals and ad formats will gain traction.

We’ve invited our experts to spell out what’s going to happen to traffic this spring. Watch the video and learn:

  • Popunder ads statistics: which verticals are thriving and what platforms to target to get the serious traffic volumes
  • GEOs: find out where are the hottest leads right now
  • Push ads Statistics: verticals to focus on, platforms posting the biggest growth
  • Push GEOs: where do we see the most traffic now, and in which verticals

By the way, you can discuss all these stats with fellow affiliates in our crowded Telegram chat (3k+ members).

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