What to Expect from PropellerAds at the Affiliate World Europe 2019


The affiliate industry is flourishing in all corners of the world and Europe is one of the best examples. Many countries in the Old Continent host great events that cater to the industry, but Affiliate World Europe 2019 is among the principal conferences on this year’s calendar.

And, as you can probably imagine already, PropellerAds is busting out all the bells and whistles in one of the hottest affiliate events in 2019. Want to know what you can expect from us this year? Keep reading and find out!

Affiliate World Europe: What You Need to Know

Affiliate World Europe is a two-day affiliate extravaganza that will unite some of the most influential and successful players in the industry. It brings together affiliates, publishers, networks, media companies, traffic providers, and other key figures that are there to exchange tested techniques, expand their network, and discern actionable information.

Also known as AWE, the event will take place on the 8th and 9th of July, but you can make it a 4-day affair by attending the Facebook and eCommerce workshops that are scheduled for the 10th and 11th as well. Barcelona will serve as the stage of this year’s Affiliate World Europe, so you’ll get a chance to up your game and see one of the most impressive cities in Spain at the same time!

What Will PropellerAds Showcase This Year?

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be sending a team of representatives to AWE 2019 that will be setting up shop in Booth#B16 so swing by and check out what our experts have to say. Some of the topics they will be covering include:

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are now regarded as one of the most effective ad formats available and our team can tell you how to use them best!

Native Ads

Native ads can be extremely efficient if you know what you’re doing! If you’re having difficulties or simply want to pick up some new tips, come by Booth#B16 and we’ll be glad to teach you a few tricks.


Our auto-optimization algorithm can now optimize bids, freeze low-conversion ad zones, and drive more traffic to campaigns with the best CTR. Get the inside scoop by talking to our team!

A brand-new monetization solution: earn money with Push Subscriptions! A new platforms allows monetizing paid, email, display, and untargeted traffic. What’s more, you can monetize ALL your traffic: any GEO, any device, any OS.

Where to Find PropellerAds

We’re sending a team of knowledgeable 4 representatives to Affiliate World Europe. This event attracts affiliates, publishers, advertisers, and other stakeholders, and we are happy to have a pow-wow with anyone who is a part of this amazing ecosystem.

Our team members will be available in  Booth#B16, so make sure you book an appointment in advance to guarantee a chance to talk to our reps!

Meet Our Team

This year, we’re sending over a team of experts that is knowledgeable on monetizing from an affiliate and a publisher’s point of view. Our team will include:

  • Olga Dmitrenko, our Head of Traffic Acquisition
  • Renz Gonzales, Business Development Manager
  • Ariadna Butler, Business Development Manager
  • Anastasia Loseva, Business Development Manager

By the way, Renz will talk about “Push Ads in 2020: Internal Secrets, Predictions, and the Ultimate Campaign Setup” at 2:55 PM on July 8 – make sure to pass by the Main stage!

Affiliate World Europe 2019 - Push Lab

Get in Touch and Visit Our Booth at AWE

Affiliate World Europe is set to be one of the most influential events in the European and global affiliate community. If you want to have a chat with our team and pick up some valuable tips, get in touch with us today to book an appointment!


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