Every day, you, our dearest clients, launch hundreds of campaigns on our SSP platform. But for things to go smooth and for money to start dripping down your pocket, those campaigns should stay on the light side and align with our Policy guidelines. Do you think you can do it?

Take our short quiz and find out if you can balance between provocative and safe, clickbaity and coy, legit, and totally out of line!

Let’s find out! 

Want to know the correct answers and see the comments from our policy team? Here you go!

Pssst, don’t cheat!

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Sasha is a writer and digital marketer with 12 years of experience in being a know-it-all. She’ll teach you how to build irresistible landing pages, write kick-ass copy, and drive people into clicking frenzy with your creatives. But since she’s also quite lazy, don’t expect a new post every other week, duh.