[Quiz] How Well Do You Know Our Policy, Buster?


So, here are the answers:

Would this ad pass our Policy? 

Correct answer: Nah, that doesn’t smell good!

Of course, not! It’s all listed in the light of day: we don’t allow to advertise alcohol and tobacco. And yes, vapes & vape liquids fall under the same restriction. 

And how about this one? (adult) 

Correct answer: Nah, something’s wrong here?

Well, these ladies might be happy to discuss further details, but our moderators say: Next! Since PropellerAds is a mainstream network, we prohibited any adult content, which includes pornography, adult, or mature content. Yes, even if it’s cartoony.

You seem to be doing okay so far! What ad copy would you add to this image so that it passes our moderation? 

Correct answer: Your iPhone X is waiting for you!
Well, this one is not that tricky. Here’s what our moderators say: 

“Texts like “You won an iPhone”, “Your phone has been paid. Claim it now”

“You’re chosen to get/receive an iphone”, “Your phone has arrived”, “Press and get…” are prohibited. You can offer a chance to win something, but you can not guarantee it.”

Let’s talk about authority. How much money do you think this sweepstake campaign made? 

Correct answer: It didn’t get any ROI as it was rejected before launch.

Guys, that’s like the basics of Policy. You can’t use logos of famous brands, including apps, messengers, and companies. And for the love of The Director of Internet, you can’t pretend to be advertising on their behalf. 

Alright, so now you know that you can’t use logos of famous brands if you’re not promoting their offers. Then this one should be easy! Will this ad pass our moderation? 

Correct answer: I’ll try my chances. 
Hah! As long as the brand logo is placed on the product that they produce, you can use it in your campaigns. You’re welcome! 

This page didn’t pass our moderation. Why do you think this happened?

Correct answer: The image just looks busted.
Yeah, it’s about image quality. Your landing pages must not be of poor quality, so think of those images beforehand. 

Now, let’s spice things up and talk about super scary offers. What message would you find appropriate for this offer? 

Correct answer: This is a great offer, but I’d rather run a sweepstake. It doesn’t matter how many viruses your “System checker” has found. Any super scary offers will be rejected. Sorry, not sorry!

And finally, let’s talk about the coronavirus. Which title would help this ad pass our policy? 

Correct answer:  This image is disturbing in so many ways, I’d rather run dating offers.

Always trust your gut when you feel that something’s not right with the images that you want to use. Or rather go straight to our Policy to check it up! Speaking of this particular ad, none of the titles would make it pass the moderation.

When it comes to coronavirus, we don’t allow the spread of false or misleading information about COVID19, and additionally, you can’t advertise any virus-preventing procedures, vaccine, or treatment. You can find more information about coronavirus-related restrictions in this post. 

We hope you are now fully equipped with all the information that you need in order to survive moderation! It wasn’t that hard, right?


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