Propeller On Air: Post-Pandemic Trends in India

indian post-pandemic trends 2023 podcast

It’s no secret that COVID-19 pandemics changed the way people consume and behave online. The Indian market in particular responds to the changes accordingly, but how exactly? And how to keep up with the rapidly-transforming trends around the hottest GEOs and verticals? 

Well, according to our statistics, research, and practical experience of our partners and customers, India is one of the most promising markets for 2023. That is why we decided to record this podcast with real Indian experts and tell you so many unobvious tricks, share strategies, and just have fun. 

The podcast participants are: 

  • Gaurav Mehta – Media Buyer and Agency Owner with 10 years of experience
  • Rohit MC – Regional Partnership Manager at PropellerAds (India)
  • Renz Gonzales – Head of Business Development at PropellerAds

PropellerAds’ guest is Guarav Mehta, a real media buying monster with 10 years of experience in performance marketing. He used to be an affiliate manager and product manager, but now Guarav is an independent media buyer – he has been running his own agency for 2 years already.  

Rohit MC is our Partnership Manager based in India and this guy has to communicate with affiliates and brands every single day. He knows so much about advertising techniques that really work in practice. 

And Renz Gonzales (of course, you know him) is the Head of Business Development at PropellerAds and our best podcast host at all times. 

Meet these stellar professionals and absorb their insights about numerous, sometimes really unexpected, themes – from Indian Fintech unicorns and cryptocurrency fluctuations to Tinder’s role in the large social scope and Facebook decline. 

Of course, all of these intriguing topics are discussed within the global background – post-pandemic Indian media buying, including the trendiest verticals, efficient ad formats, and profitable traffic sources. Plus, Rohit and Gurav will bust common myths about the Indian market as a whole and give some valuable insights.   

Since we have so much to share with you, the podcast comprises two parts. Make sure to watch both and don’t miss anything. Enjoy the show! 

Part 1

Here is the video:

And here is the audio version:

Part 2




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