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[Halloween Digest] The Scariest CPA Offers

Halloween Scariest CPA offers

Perhaps you remember; scary stuff converts like hell. Read the proof here.

And, what a coincidence, Halloween is inevitably approaching, leaving us no choice but to search for CPA offers that don’t shy away from gloomy pumpkins, deadly green zombies, and bloodthirsty monsters.

This week, we asked our friends and partners from the biggest CPA networks out there for Halloween-themed offers. They sent us the freshest and the juiciest offers from various verticals. Be careful; some of them can even boast high payouts and smooth conversion flows.

Let’s step into the woods?

CPA Offers from ClickDealer

Comments regarding voucher offers: Flow SOI, Open Cap
NO incentive traffic, NO SMS traffic, NO Co-Registration, NO Trademark, NO content locking, NO adult traffic, No Whatsapp traffic

CPA OfferIDGeoVerticalDevicePayout
RLM – Win €500 Amazon voucher (Halloween) /DE SOI *FB Pixel*76218?? DEVouchers/Leadgen[WEB+MOB]$2.85
RLM – Win Candy Package for Halloween /DE SOI FB Pixel76331?? DEVouchers/Leadgen[WEB+MOB]$2.85
Win €100 Gift Voucher (Halloween) /FR SOI76223?? FRVouchers/Leadgen[WEB+MOB]€0.8
Win a new iPhone 11 (Halloween) /IT SOI76288?? ITVouchers/Leadgen[WEB+MOB]€0.8

Comments regarding sweepstake offers:

Flow: CC Submit (credit card)
CAP – 50/daily per affiliate per offer
NOT ALLOWED: cashback sites, incent

CPA OfferIDGeoVerticalDevicePayout
Win Samsung S10 (Halloween) /US [APPROVAL ONLY]76032 ?? USSweepstakes[WEB+MOB]$23
Win iPhone 11 PRO (Halloween) /US [APPROVAL ONLY]76030?? USSweepstakes[WEB+MOB]$23
Win iPhone 11 (Halloween) /US [APPROVAL ONLY]76029 ?? USSweepstakes[WEB+MOB]$23

CPA Offers from Wewe Media

Comments regarding Sweepstake offers: CC trial.

CPA OfferIDGeoVerticalDevicePayout
OnlinePrizes iPhone 11 Pro (Halloween 2019)69367?? USSweepstakes[WEB+MOB]$23
OnlinePrizes Samsung S10 (Halloween 2019)69368?? USSweepstakes[WEB+MOB]$23
OnlinePrizes iPhone 11 (Halloween 2019) 69369?? USSweepstakes[WEB+MOB]$23

CPA Offers from Mobidea

Comments regarding this offer: No incentivized traffic, no Social Media traffic, no adult, and no iFrame. Creatives should be pre-approved.

CPA OfferIDGeoVerticalDevicePayout
iPhone X Halloween – CPL21816?? AUSMS[WEB+MOB]depends on aff type ($2.45)

Z War – Claro
21860 MultigeoMobile Content[WEB+MOB]$0.49

Halloween Zombie – Claro
21859MultigeoMobile Content[WEB+MOB]$0.49

Pumpkin Ninja – Claro
21861MultigeoMobile Content[WEB+MOB]$0.49

CPA Offers from AdCombo

CPA OfferIDGeoVerticalDevicePayout
YOUSWEEPS – Win an iPhone 11 pro Halloween edition24837?? USSweepstakes[WEB+MOB]$1.08
YOUSWEEPS – Win a halloween walmart gift package24836?? USSweepstakes[WEB+MOB]$1.08
Halloween weekend24838?? DKSweepstakes[WEB+MOB]$1.55

CPA Offers from GasMobi

CPA OfferIDGeoVerticalDevicePayout
ASDA gift card and Halloween basket – SOI30866?? UKLeadgen Sweepstakes[WEB+MOB]$1.60
Win a Halloween Walmart gift package – SOI30865?? USLeadgen Sweepstakes[WEB+MOB]$2.50
iPhone 11 Pro (Halloween 2019) – CC submit30634?? USCC Sweepstakes[WEB+MOB]$23
Samsung S10 (Halloween 2019) – CC submit30343?? USCC Sweepstakes[WEB+MOB]$23
IGA Supermarket Halloween – SOI30725?? AUSLeadgen Sweepstakes[WEB+MOB]$2.65

CPA Offers from AlfaLeads

CPA OfferIDGeoVerticalDevicePayout
Sweepstake Win an iPhone 11 pro Halloween edition – CPL SOI4139?? CZSweepstakes Leadgen [WEB+MOB]$1.10
Sweepstake Win an iPhone 11 PRO Halloween edition – CPL SOI – All devices – [UK]4138?? UKSweepstakes Leadgen [WEB+MOB]$1.50
Sweepstake Win an iPhone 11 PRO Halloween edition – CPL SOI – All devices – [AU]4137?? AUSSweepstakes Leadgen [WEB+MOB]$2.80
Sweepstake Win an iPhone 11 pro Halloween edition – CPL SOI – All devices – [US]4136?? USSweepstakes Leadgen [WEB+MOB]$2.50
Sweepstake Win Halloween Trip – SOI CPL – [DK]4119?? DKSweepstakes Leadgen [WEB+MOB]€3.2
Legoland Halloween Sweepstake – [CPL|SOI] – [DK]4075?? DKSweepstakes Leadgen [WEB+MOB]$2.25

Ready to launch your stellar Halloween campaign? Just about time! By the way, you can share your haunt strategies with fellow affiliates – join our BIG Telegram chat!


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