Curious about new PropellerAds Self-Serve platform (SSP) updates?

You should be!

? Watch the webinar here

Welcome our new webinar series entirely dedicated to a plethora of information on how our platform works, what changes have been implemented recently, and how they impact YOUR campaigns.

On Tuesday, October 29th, join us for a FREE webinar with the Head of PropellerAds SSP, Piotr Garmashov ?.

As the person who knows most about our platform (everything, we mean everythinggg), Piotr will guide you through the MOST important updates of Q3 (July – September).

Webinar highlights:

  • Tracking, targeting, and bidding updates: how the minimum rate is calculated, why we lowered the CPA goal rates, and more.
  • Statistics and dashboard: cost token for Native Ads and renewed campaign reports
  • Optimization tools: Target CPA and Smart Rotator for Native Ads
  • Q&A Session! Ask your questions and suggest your ideas

Where and When

Make sure to attend on Oct. 29th at 3 PM GMT. Although the webinar is completely FREE, the spots are limited – so the faster you register, the better!

See you at the webinar!


Head of Content at PropellerAds