Curious about new PropellerAds Self-Serve platform (SSP) updates?

You should be!

📺 Watch the webinar here

Welcome our new webinar series entirely dedicated to a plethora of information on how our platform works, what changes have been implemented recently, and how they impact YOUR campaigns.

On Tuesday, October 29th, join us for a FREE webinar with the Head of PropellerAds SSP, Piotr Garmashov 🤓.

As the person who knows most about our platform (everything, we mean everythinggg), Piotr will guide you through the MOST important updates of Q3 (July – September).

Webinar highlights:

  • Tracking, targeting, and bidding updates: how the minimum rate is calculated, why we lowered the CPA goal rates, and more.
  • Statistics and dashboard: cost token for Native Ads and renewed campaign reports
  • Optimization tools: Target CPA and Smart Rotator for Native Ads
  • Q&A Session! Ask your questions and suggest your ideas

Where and When

Make sure to attend on Oct. 29th at 3 PM GMT. Although the webinar is completely FREE, the spots are limited – so the faster you register, the better!

See you at the webinar!


Content Marketing Manager at PropellerAds