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[Case Study] Vogacloset CPS + Middle East (ROI 138%)

case study - CPS -Admitad

Disclaimer: Please note that this case was provided by one of our clients, and the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of PropellerAds.

Hello There! 

Here are Mohamed Morsy and Ayman Bendary, providing you with one of our case studies! 

Have you seen a popunder case study with a CPS offer? Do you still think that CPS can only generate lower ROIs with Popunder ads? So here are the details of my campaign:

Ad format: Popunder
Affiliate program: Admitad
Offer: Vogacloset CPS
The campaign period: Nov 11, 2019 – Mar 11, 2020
GEOs: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, United Arab Emirates
Spent: $5577 
Revenue: $13303
Net profit: $7723
ROI: 138%

Stats from the Affiliate Network:

Stats from PropellerAds:

Stats from my tracker:

*You may find some little differences in numbers because in this type of campaigns there are a lot of visits that make more than one conversion, and it is considered to be a duplicated postback. Then, it is not usually counted; also, if you are familiar with the total number of visits, you will know that there is usually a discrepancy between your tracker and the popunder network.  

My creatives

I used only direct linking, so there was no pre-lander.

I found out that the offer allows using popunders, so with no hesitation, I went to test the offer and GEOs at PropellerAds, because I knew they definitely had this particular type of traffic.

Also, PropellerAds has massive volumes of real popunder traffic (compared to any other network).

My Campaign

First, I decided to run a CPA Goal campaign to test the offer targeting different GEOs.

After some days, I got a tiny idea about the segment that could convert well for lower CPAs. I kept my CPA GOAL running, at the same time watching my tracker to see what I can do to optimize this campaign.
I made a lot of campaigns that targeted segments of the traffic depending on what PropellerAds provides us in targeting options like the Device, OS, Browsers, etc.

I am a guy who loves manual setups and settings and having more control over his campaigns, so I stopped my CPA Goal campaign and went on with my CPM and SmartCPM Campaigns.

I kept optimizing these campaigns for nearly 4 months.

My strategy in terms of scaling was to have control over each segment of traffic across the 5 different countries, targeting different devices, OSs, language, zones, etc.

It’s simple if you want to succeed: find which traffic segments bring you profit and focus on them!

Nerd It Out: White and Blacklists for Affiliates

Lately, I was running more than 25 campaigns simultaneously for the same offer but with different segments and bids.

I could tell you how my campaigns were structured, but in my opinion, this might not work for you. The thing that will work for you every time is your mindset and way of thinking and optimizing!

I have run a lot of popunder campaigns, and each time I make a profit. I think that I managed to create a winning structure that adapts to the current situation, test results, and what my tracker tells me.

A lesson from this offer & campaign

I doubted if this offer could be scaled or not. In November and December, the first 2 months of this campaign, I didn’t give it much attention. I regret not going aggressively and doing hard work from the first day, I hope you learn from my mistakes!

Here’s the stats breakdown by month:

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