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ALO Highlights: 4 Selected Sessions

ALO - conference - highlights

Have you been to ALO? No matter the answer (although, we hope you did attend), we decided to collate some of the best and most valuable speeches from the event.

Obviously, the other speeches (available soon on YouTube) are also totally worth your time, and we strongly recommend staying tuned to our updates and insights.

Now that we know what’s upon us, let’s move to ALO highlights!

Dimitris Papoutsis – Sports Gaming Affiliate Excellence


Dimitris Papoutsis is one of the leading online advertising experts in Europe and founder of Globe One Digital, a top-notch performance marketing agency that focuses on improving ROI and boosting sales. Papoutsis actively works with leading brands such as Google, Sony, Coca-Cola, BMW, Vodafone, LG, and the likes, developing and monitoring large scale campaigns across multiple channels.

In his presentation, Papoutsis went over tips to help affiliates achieve excellent results in sports gaming campaigns. His main talking points included:

  • How to generate the highest revenue through sports gaming affiliation
  • Tips to develop player acquisition techniques
  • Techniques to boost player loyalty and maintain profitability for several years

One Globe, Papoutsis’ digital marketing agency, has focused on sports gaming since 2008. According to the agency’s founder, they decided to specialize due to the loyalty of players, the continuous generation of profits, the large collection of possible advertising channels, and the ability to develop bonus programs as well as offer coupons.

Not only this, but Papoutsis also highlights the importance of finding the good affiliate program. After all, his company is ranked as the fifth fastest-growing firm in all of Europe according to Inc. 5000, so he has a deep understanding of what you need to look for in a long-term partner.

Some of the things you should look for, according to Papoutsis, include:

  • Branding – Always work with the top 5 or 10 most popular branded platforms in the region
  • Region – Obviously, the GEO defines the tier, which in turn helps you make accurate closing rate and revenue projections
  • Commission Plan – Even if the commission plan is better, always opt for branded affiliate programs as these will be easier to close
  • History – Review the history of the company running the affiliate program, which will help you gauge the potential of the partnership

Although affiliates can run a huge variety of campaigns, Papoutsis points out that the pricing model will influence the technology you need to have in place to protect your ads. For example, CPM campaigns may require up to two different platforms to help protect against bots and other types of fraud. With this in mind, once you have these systems in place, some CPM campaigns may produce better results than CPC or CPA ads.

Papoutsis also reminds us that, regardless of the bidding mode, proper optimization remains as the single most important step to ensure the best results. Choosing the best ad network takes time and money because you need to run tests on all of your candidates. That said, taking the time to find the right partner can improve your chances of building a successful campaign.

Other keys to success include:

  • Finding the perfect mix of ad networks and partners for gaming and casino
  • Developing a scalable campaign that doesn’t’ compromise profits for volume
  • Investing in landing page SEO and conversion rate optimization 
  • Designing a retargeting plan
  • Planning profits and losses through financial science
  • Understanding casino legislation in different GEOs

Anna Blaivas – Clever Retargeting and Cross marketing


Anna Blaivas is the sales director at TwinRed, a leading ad network with offices in Barcelona, Budapest, and Los Angeles. She’s responsible for managing all sales departments at TwinRed and prior to that made a name for herself by building the publishing department at TrafficStarts from scratch.

During her presentation at ALO, Anna covered clever retargeting and cross-marketing strategies for adult traffic, with the goal of:

  • Helping affiliates understand the benefits of retargeting and cross-marketing
  • Improving retargeting strategies, which many media buyers fail to master
  • Implementing cross-marketing to target both mainstream and adult audiences

For starters, Anna discussed the basics of retargeting, which consists of tracking all user behavior on landing pages, collecting data from users that perform a specific action through tracking, and developing ads designed specifically for these prospects.

Furthermore, Blaivas moves on to explain how TwinRed has gone a step further and, in addition to monitoring via cookies, they also use two tracking pixels. The first pixel helps define the start of an action, while the second one signifies the end of that act.

Keep in mind that some retargeting campaigns focus on users who have almost converted, but abandoned the process last minute. A great example, according to Blaivas, are shopping cart abandoners that change their mind right before completing a purchase on an ecommerce platform.

But, you can also use retargeting to track:

  • Users who converted, but may still purchase additional items (up and cross-selling)
  • Prospects who have already spent a certain amount of money
  • Any other preference or behavior you like!

Additionally, Anna does point out that there’s a lot of crossover between mainstream and adult traffic. Affiliates working with verticals like gambling, gaming, dating, betting, gaming, crypto, finance, and similar industries can often benefit from running cross-marketing campaigns to promote these offers to adult audiences.

Running cross-marketing campaigns can produce benefits like: 

  • Generate higher revenues from mainstream campaigns
  • Implement pixel and cookie tracking to retarget mainstream users through TwinRed
  • Take advantage of the same traffic twice

While adult traffic does allow a lot more freedom when compared to mainstream, Blaivas still reminds us that there are many important facts affiliates should keep in mind. For instance:

  • Tracking pixels need to be installed immediately because it takes two to four weeks to collect enough data to start monetizing
  • Developing a run of traffic (RON) campaign can help identify the best sources for your creatives
  • Brand continuity is essential, so maintain the same color scheme across ads and landing pages
  • When creating your adult campaign, feel free to use more aggressive language and creatives
  • Place the highest possible bids (the value of the click is equal to the second-highest bid plus 10%)

Marcos Moura – Interview with the legend. How to go from $0 to $100MM using the same tactics as Apple, Nike & other Fortune 100 brands


Marcos Moura earned a name for himself as one of the best entrepreneurs by establishing a successful franchise of senior healthcare services. Today, the click funnel award winner and 8-figure affiliate marketing mogul is among the leading experts that share their knowledge at ALO. In his presentation, Moura discussed how to go from zero to $100,000,000 using click funnel strategies.

It may sound basic to many entrepreneurs, but the first thing Moura reminds us of is the importance of reinvesting revenue into our business. Whether you’re running an agency or working as a solo show, Moura insists that the secret of success and sustainable growth is to avoid wasteful spending and only invest in areas that will help you achieve success.

Secondly, Moura also discusses one of his keys to success: finding a relatively easy way to sell the knowledge he acquired. Instead of focusing on consumers, Marcos created a franchising system where he sells his knowledge and platform to others that want to do the same thing. This created the opportunity to grow his company at a consistent rate without having to make major changes to his one product.

He also gives another example of a well-known brand that struggled for many years and, through constant reinvestment, has become one of the leaders in its industry: Nike.

In the mid-1960s, Nike was a small brand that only manufactured one product – a running shoe for the 100-meter spring – which was worn by one athlete. After more than a decade in this setup, the company eventually started creating shoes that revolutionized sportswear and the urban apparel industry as a whole. The key to success? Laser-like focus and “constant investment,” says Moura.

Moura says that, in his experience, focusing on one product for a specific type of person over the first few years can help a company achieve long-term success.

According to Marcos, the more people you try to attract, the more resources you’ll need. Advertisers and affiliates that allocate most of their resources on attracting one type of customer and perfecting one product lay a solid foundation for the years ahead.

So, how does this relate to the affiliate world? Simple: the same concept can be applied to your ads. If you spend time developing a huge variety of general ads that try to attract as many users as possible, you’ll spend a lot of resources without seeing any results. Instead, investing a large portion of your time perfecting a small set of ads that target very specific users can help you understand how your audience thinks, which will yield better performing campaigns.

Sergei Glaukus – How to increase your ROI by at least 30% through traffic recycling and how to make money forever even if stop buying traffic


For those of you who are not familiar with him, Sergei Glaukus is a knowledgeable affiliate with more than a decade of experience developing superb digital campaigns. Including his clients’ and his own ad spend, it’s estimated that Glaukus’ monthly budget is close to $200,000 — which he monetizes using native ads, push notifications, banners, and email marketing.

Thanks to his first-hand experience, Sergei has stayed up to date with the trends that have defined affiliate marketing over the last few years. In this lecture, he discusses how to increase your ROI by no less than 30% through traffic recycling. And, he also gives tips on how to monetize old traffic even after you stop running campaigns on an ad network.

One of the most important things that Glaukus points out is that successful advertisers and affiliates have to learn to see the bigger picture. That’s why his presentation didn’t feature campaign stats or step-by-step instructions. Instead, he pushes a technique that can be applied to all scenarios and can potentially create a perpetual revenue system.

Affiliates thrive off the idea of arbitrage, which is the process of buying something and reselling it at a higher price. But, as Glaukus points out, this leaves affiliates in a vulnerable position because they are exposed to changes like:

  • Traffic restrictions
  • Increasing costs
  • Higher competition
  • Competitor fraud
  • Loss of revenue (and the ability to purchase more traffic)

Traffic recycling can help protect affiliates from these vulnerabilities and increase ROI by at least one-third. The idea behind traffic recycling is similar to retargeting because it aims to show ads to a group of users who have already shown interest in the item being promoted.

And, in most cases, consumers remain interested in the same products for a long time. So, marketing these goods to this group of people can help you produce revenue from otherwise dormant audiences.

Glaukus has identified the best ways to launch remarketing campaigns, which include:

  • Capturing push subscriptions
  • Collecting lead data (including name, email address, phone number, demographic information, etc.)
  • Pop ads and back-button scripts
  • Global retargeting and remarketing pixels that work across email, social media, native ads, and other platforms

Furthermore, Glaukus also highlights the fact that traffic recycling allows you to sell the same product or promote new goods to these audiences. And, he also discusses some immediate steps you can take to start monetizing the traffic you’ve already acquired, including:

  • Implementing push subscriptions, email capture, and other monetization features
  • Send traffic to affiliate platforms using an API

We hope you enjoyed our short tour around ALO 🙂 Make sure to join our BIG community on Telegram to participate in conversation.


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