Following the launch of our Telegram chat, we’ve noticed a heightened interest in market intelligence. Affiliate marketers are looking for inspiration and successful tactics to adopt. The most asked question these weeks was: “Do you have case studies?”

Well, well, well…

We do! Meet our affiliate marketing expert, Roman. Roman is a pro performance marketer, whose previous role at PropellerAds involved traffic assessment (how well our traffic performs on various verticals). But now things are changing for Roman.

From now on, Roman will be testing fresh offers found on popular CPA networks, trying to figure out profitable schemes, giving you advice on what creatives to choose and what targeting to set.

We will reveal the best strategies and spell out some high profile performance marketing secrets.

Excited? Let’s begin.

Here’s what we’ve found this week at AdCombo:

  • Offer: Max TV
  • Flow: CPS
  • GEO: Brazil
  • Payout: $44

Our results:

  • Ad format: Push Notifications
  • When: Sept. 19 – Oct. 28, 2018
  • Total spent: $2344
  • Total revenue: $3373+
  • Net profit: $1029
  • ROI: 43,89+%


Roman used the following creatives for his campaigns:



Notice that Roman used an icon with a catchy line “Noticia” / News and a very self-explanatory image.

Banner image

Banner image_Max TV

Ad copy

Title: Forma legal simples de ver / A simple way to watch
Description: TV por cabo GRATUITAMENTE: leve a sua… / Cable TV for FREE: Grab…


MaxTV - Tecnologia da TV 2018-11-01 14-40-00

Landing page




Roman launched two Push Notifications campaigns, targeting Android users (Brazil):

  • First campaign: High activity group, CPC bidding, $0.005 bid, frequency 1/24
  • Second campaign: Low activity group, CPM bidding, $0.01 bid, frequency 1/24

Roman explains his choice of bidding models: “First of all, I wanted to see how the campaign would run if I targeted the most engaged users – High activity group. I know that the traffic quality here is pretty good, I thought it would be rational to pay for actual clicks. But the traffic volumes with this targeting are not that big so, obviously, I had to create an additional campaign.

The second campaign was targeted at Low activity group. The users in “Low” group are much more selective about ads and, although I could get lots of cheap clicks here, I opted for CPM model to get huge traffic volumes. Comes out much cheaper.”


Here’s the budget:

  • First campaign (High, CPC): $1455
  • Second campaign (Low, CPM): $890

Screenshots from PropellerAds Dashboard:

Dashboard _ Propeller Ads -

Screenshot from AdCombo:

Adcombo 2018-11-02 11-55-43

The second campaign, launched with CPM bidding, showed the best ROI: the number of conversions was almost the same, yet the price for traffic was near 2 times lower.

The total “score” is $3373, but potentially I can get $5539. According to conditions mentioned in the offer, the network is paying for approved conversions only (every order is counted as a “lead” in Adcombo statistics), and the hold period is 30 days. So I’m still waiting for the money to come, as not all of the conversions are approved yet,” adds Roman.

Final thoughts

With huge traffic volumes (and low prices) we have in Latin America, it’s a great idea to mix and match bidding models. Test various creatives, and what’s more important – change them regularly (I didn’t do that).

All in all, Latin American traffic is super hot now, and we’ve noticed that eCommerce, gaming, and finance offers are just getting impressive results. Test it; you won’t regret!


Have questions to Roman? Or want to share your experience with similar offers or GEOs? Or maybe you want Roman to test a certain CPA network and vertical? – leave your comment below or request a review on our Telegram chat.