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Manage PropellerAds traffic with AdsBridge

PropellerAds is happy to introduce you our new partner – AdsBridge, provider of intelligent tracking software for affiliate marketers, agencies & advertisers.

Moreover, PropellerAds is added as a Trusted Traffic Source by AdsBridge. Thus it became easier to manage your traffic flows. Let’s get started? Spend 5 minutes to set up tracking of your advertising campaigns!
AdsBridge & PropellerAds

How work with the traffic source template?

  • Log in to your AdsBridge account and choose the “Traffic Sources” tab.
  • Choose the “Create Traffic Source” and then click on the “Choose from Templates” button.
  • Select “PropellerAds” from the list and AdsBridge will pre-populate all the necessary settings for postback url.
  • Don’t forget to change “REPLACE” to actual IDs (aid & tid) from postback URL.

Why tracking campaign’s performance?

PropellerAds advises you to use AdsBridge tracking solutions and you will be brought closer to the maximum profit from controlling and optimizing your advertising campaigns.

What are the benefits working with AdsBridge?


  • First-class assistance
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Totally scalable infrastructure
  • Intuitive platform
  • Full scope of features
  • Campaign auto-optimization
  • Extra-fast redirects
  • Flexible customized reporting
  • Special discounts and offers for loyal clients

AdsBridge – is a premium class tracking software for affiliate industry shark. It is well-optimized system includes effective features that help to manage all traffic flows and run profitable campaigns.

While using the AdsBridge you can save time on various tests, statistic analysis as well as improve the general performance, beat the competition, and eventually increase revenue. Start your 30-day trial now.
For more information about AdsBridge tracking solutions, visit the official website.

If you have any questions or need assistance with setting up conversion tracking – contact our support team from your advertiser account.

Increase your tracking opportunities with AdsBridge and PropellerAds!

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