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3 Ad Formats to Dominate US Market in 2018


If you’ve been following industry news, you probably know that online advertising spending surpassed the TV one globally for the first time in 2017, according to the MAGNA Intelligence. Perhaps you won’t be able to find a company still solely relying on TV or offline advertising. So that logically leads us to a question: What are the most perspective online Ad formats in the coming year?

Talking to our analytics team, we have identified three trends that would be unrivaled in the US online space in 2018 and generate the most profit with the least effort.

Let’s see what’s going to be hot next year in the US!

1.Video Ads

Video ads

With Facebook testing pre-rolls ads for videos, it’s quite evident that videos are gaining traction and soon will be all over the web. According to Forbes, video traffic will be over 80% of all consumer internet traffic in 4 years.

Pretty impressive, huh? We are witnessing a drastic change in consumer behavior: written content is put on the back burner, while video ads take center stage.

Why does this happen? Marketers have long been concerned with the way customers may interpret the brand message. Take an image, for example, some may understand it not quite in the manner it was intended. Text? Even more chances to misinterpret. From this standpoint, video is an optimal medium to communicate a brand message: facial expressions, body language, and a tone of voice are all clear and easy to understand. As Facebook says, “We like to think of the camera as the new keyboard.” So yes, video ads are the next big thing!

2.Native Ads

This format doesn’t need an introduction! But in case you’ve spent the last few years of your life in complete isolation, let us spell out what’s all the buzz around the native advertising.

Native ads aim to be unobtrusive and look like “real” content. We all know too well that people seek to ignore advertisements, and well, they succeed at that: the CTR rates of traditional banners are in free fall. Now, see what happens when we choose to use native ads: they don’t look like ads, simply because native focuses on providing value-driven content; something your potential client is already interested in.

This strategy pays off: native ads are expected to reach $21 billion mark by next year, and their market share is set to grow even further, as Business Insider predicts. So shall you join the native ads hype? The answer is definitely yes if you are looking for a better quality interaction with your audience.

3.Mobile push notifications

Push notifications

Mobile traffic is hotter than ever. Marketers have successfully survived a mobile engagement crisis of 2016, and now, stepping into a new era, we have a chance to reconsider our position on push notifications.

What’s a push notification? Although similar to text messages, push notifications are a whole different story. Sent from the mobile app, these notifications are a great way to reach your customer directly. Push notifications increase retention rates and have CTR rate nearing 20%.

With a proper setup, effective frequency and targeted messaging, this ad format can drive serious results for advertisers. Looking for new ways to show off your products? Push notifications are certainly a format to try!

Definitely, 2018 has much more in store for marketers and advertisers, as ad formats are evolving lightning fast, and it’s getting much harder to stay up to speed with all the innovations and modifications. These changes would require marketing teams to put even more work into their campaigns. Let’s see how it turns out!

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