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PropellerAds - Campaigns to Run After the World Cup
Affiliate Marketing

Campaign Ideas to run After Major Sporting Events like the World Cup

5 Verticals. 5 GEOs. 1 Sporting Event. And the best campaigns ideas to run after the World Cup. With stats, and expert’s advice


[Quiz] Does CR Stand For Cristiano Ronaldo, Or Are You Good at Sports Campaigns?

Do you know nuts and bolts of affiliate campaigns during big sports events like the Football World Cup? Check this out with our new quiz!

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Industry News

How Do Sports Campaigns Perform? Key Stats for 2018-2022 + Forecast

We have prepared an advanced research on key sports events 2018-2022 with stats and analysis. Read now and level-up as an affiliate marketer!

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Affiliate Marketing

World Cup Copyright in Affiliate Marketing Campaigns: Play It Safe

An affiliate marketer who wants to run offers during the World Cup? Check out the copyright guidelines for your creatives. What is allowed and what is not?