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Focus Brings Success [Follow-Along Case Study]

Here comes another exclusive Follow-Along case study from one of our dear affiliates - BobZhang. Read this story of experimens and creativity!

Case Studies

From Red to Green Numbers or the Importance of Testing [Afflift Contest]

Abdoshaik is an affiliate marketer who worked with a Mobile content offer and then switched to a Finance offer. He has a really exciting case to share!

cpa goal for push - best practices
Tutorials for Beginners

Get More With Less: CPA Goal for Push

Sure, optimization’s a hoot! But have you ever tried to sit back and relax, while we go through mountains and mountains of big data, using machine learning techniques a

7 ways to improve ecpm

7 simple ways to skyrocket eCPM

The reason to place our ad-units on your website is to monetize your online business. The greater your eCPM, the greater your profits. But how do you increase eCPM? In th