Monetizing traffic became much easier

Oops! That’s an old article, we have a new one! This format is now called “Direct Link”, read all about it!

We’re working hard to bring the most flexible and easy-to-integrate solutions to our ad network. Here’s another great feature ready to boost your income and give you new monetization opportunities!
IF YOU ARE a media buyer, Facebook (or any other social media) group owner, mobile developer, or online marketer who wants to generate profit but doesn’t own a website, your choice is our improved Native Direct Ads.

Start monetizing your traffic without adding a website in 3 easy steps

How it works? Simply log in to your Publisher’s account or register if you are a newbie and get the link for your auto-optimized Direct Ads to start monetizing any type of traffic from social media, mobile applications or purchased traffic .

Step#1: Login to your account, choose “Sites”, then “Add new site” and click button “Create Direct Link”

Monetize traffic without a website - Step #1

Step#2: Select “Native Direct Ads” and click “Next” to provide a name & get the code

Monetize traffic without a website - Step #2

Step#3: Get your uniqie URL (http or https) and start sending traffic

Monetize traffic without a website - Step #1

Why Native Direct Ads?

  • One single link to monetize 100% of desktop & mobile traffic.
  • No more complicated settings or sorting out and testing CPA offers! The smart optimization algorithm behind Native Direct Ads automatically picks the best offers and sends your visitors to them.
  • Integrate Native Direct Ads links with mobile and online games, web services, and applications. Combine our Direct Ads with any event inside your app (for example, opening a link when a user completes a level in a game or clicks any buttons).
  • Use Direct Links as many times as you wish and enjoy limitless promotion opportunities in your Facebook group or any other social media page!

Direct Ads can be pasted literally anywhere and start generating profit immediately!

So what are you waiting for? Log in to your account, get the link, and let’s roll!
Need more ideas how to monetize traffic with our Native Direct Ads? Read our detailed review here.

Happy Monetizing!


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