Mobile traffic monetization that won’t hurt your SEO

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Many affiliate programs offer webmasters the chance to start earning on mobile traffic having set up a code on the site, whose function is to redirect the user to a special landing page, where they must carry out some kind of action or pay for the service.

As a rule, such programs promise highest rates for your traffic, however recently search engines have been treating the redirecting of mobile users (and the aggressive monetization of users) more stringently.
As many of our partners already know, PropellerAds offers two ad formats for the monetization of mobile visitors for owners of sites, to whom a stable income and the user’s trust are more important than momentary gain.

Mobile Dialog Ads

A universal advertising format which adapts to any mobile device. It forms a systematic notification with buttons for proceeding to the advertiser’s offer or for closing. The conciseness and universality of this format enables advertisers to get interested users, and enables the owner of the site to maintain the loyalty of the audience.
Dialog Ads work on mobile devices regardless of the type of connection (3g / Wi-Fi), operating system and device manufacturer.

Mobile Interstitial

Mobile Interstitial Demo #3

It is, in fact, a full-screen premium banner which is displayed horizontally or vertically depending on the orientation of the device’s display. CTR for the format Mobile Interstitial is several times higher than for classic banners and at the same time it is easy to close, just by clicking on a cross in the corner.

What is special about this format is that the advertising feed is made up of offers from premium advertisers, mainly mobile apps and games which are in the official Apple App Store & Google Play.

Existing advertising blocks on the site affect neither format, which are reflected only for mobile users and are integrated onto your site as simply as possible. Simply add the code and the advertisement will start to work! You do not need a mobile version of the site for this.

Will placing your ads negatively impact my website SEO?

Let us see if the placing of our mobile formats has any negative effect on traffic on your site. As an example, we took statistics for one month on these formats for two popular entertainment websites (receiving a large share of traffic from Google).

  • Mobile Dialog Ads, 30 last days stats

Dialog Ads stats
click to enlarge image

  • Mobile Interstitial Ads, 30 last days stats

Mobile Interstitial Ads stats
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As can be seen from the screenshots, there were no drops in mobile traffic volume during the use of our formats.

How can I customize my ad channel?

For those publishers who nevertheless fear that this type of advertising may have a negative effect on the visitors of their website or positions in search engines, we have developed a range of additional options:

  • display the advertisement after N seconds spent by the user on the site
  • display the advertisement after N clicks by the user on the page
  • frequency of display the ads to a unique user (for example, once every 12 hours)
  • not spreading the banner across the entire screen (for mobile interstitial only)

To set up these options, and to receive recommendations on the efficient use of ad units for your site, please contact our support service at or your personal manager.


Taking into consideration the above, as well as our statistics, we can claim that at this moment, in the majority of cases, that our advertising formats Dialog Ads and Mobile Interstitial do not have a negative effect on site ranking by search engines (like Google and others) and do not cause a fall in audience loyalty.
Just remember to make your sites for people and to fill them with interesting content, and we will take care of monetizing your traffic.
Happy monetizing!

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