New banner ad formats: 800×600 and 800×440

propellerads - bigger ads

In addition to the classic banners, we’ve launched two new formats – 800 x 600 and 800 x 440
These ads provides very good income for publishers, because large banners are more noticeable than the small banners and visitors are more likely to click them.

Here are some placement ideas:

  • place 800х600 banner as a layer over the video player (for video streaming websites).
  • if there is no player on page with video (for example, page contains only the links to videos), place 800х600 banner above the list of links to the movies or files.
  • place 800х600 banner in a layer fading the content until ads is clicked or closed (you can use our turnkey layer code or your own scripts).

Bigger banners provide even more opportunities for advertisers to reach their audience:

  • bigger formats mean bigger pictures and more room to show the product
  • capture attention of the visitor through graphics and detailed text information
  • get more visitors because of higher click through ratio

Don’t miss this opportunity!


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