Tutorials for Beginners

New to Affiliate Marketing? Learn how affiliate marketing works and how to succeed as a beginner. Find out how to get your marketing career off to a great start – the dead simple guides.

app store optimization

App Store Optimization: How to Do It Right? [With Real App Owners Experience]

How to make your app stand out from the rest at App Store and Google Play? App Store Optimization wisely mixed with paid traffic is the key

5 top ai-copywriting tools

5 Top AI-Copywriting Tools 2024 [Chat GPT Included] + Quiz

Modern AI allows to create nice copies not that easy to distinguish from the ones written by humans. Let’s discuss top AI-copywriting tools in 2024!

pet vertical overview

Pet Vertical Overview: Tips, Creatives, Specifics

Pet vertical is ever-green and extremely diverse. Have you heard of it? No? Then read this article and get some insights!

PropellerAds_do_you_need_manager image

How Can an Account Manager Help Agencies and Affiliates?

If your campaign doesn't work well and you don't know why, you may need someone well-versed and experienced to lend you a helping hand

survival vertical overview

The End Is Near: How to Work with a Survival Vertical?

Read about the Survival vertical and find out everything about it! Products, audience, statistics, offer examples, creatives, and more - in this overview


Where to Find Affiliate Marketing Jobs?

We asked industry professionals about how to find a job in a media buyer team and apply for a junior, middle, or senior affiliate marketer position

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