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propellerads digital marketing strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies: Do You Need One and What Works Today?

Discover why digital marketing strategies are essential today and uncover effective tactics for online growth. Boost your brand now!

what is conversion rate?

Conversion Rate: What Is It and How to Boost It?

What is conversion rate in marketing? Learn why is it important for your business growth, how to measure it, and how to optimize it via CRO.

lead generation strategies

Lead Generation for Brands and Affiliates: What Is It? [Strategies and Tips]

Learn about what is lead generation for brands and affiliates, its best practices, and tips to reach your target audience!

what is digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Benefits, Types, and Best Digital Marketing Practices

Find out what is digital marketing and why it’s essential for your business growth. Learn the benefits, types, and best practices to reach your marketing goals.

Popunder Ads

The Ultimate Brand Awareness Guide for Advertisers

What is brand awareness and how can a media buyers boost it with the tools and advertising formats we offer at PropellerAds?

effective user acqusition
App Marketing

16 Top User Acquisition Strategies for Apps

How to implement user acquisition strategies? Explore 16 top app user acquisition strategies to grow your user base and drive app success

how to pay less for push traffic
Push Traffic

CPC, CPM, SmartCPC and CPA Goal for Push Notifications Traffic

As you probably know, for Push notifications campaigns, PropellerAds provides four bidding models: CPM, CPC, CPA Goal, and SmartCPC. Which to choose?

guide to mobile app performance
App Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To Mobile App Performance with Affise MMP

Learn the essential features of a good mobile app attribution tool. How to measure the performance results of your marketing strategy

propeller redtrack automation optimization
Guest Expert

5 Automation Tricks You Need To Know To Grow Your Ad Revenue

Instead of managing multiple screens to monitor your ad channels and campaigns, set up an intelligent ad automation system that saves you money

PropellerAds_voluum_bot_traffic_2023 image
Guest Expert

Bot Traffic in 2023: Are We Winning the Fight? [Propeller x Voluum]

Discover insights from Propeller x Voluum on combating bot traffic in 2023. Are we winning the fight? Find out in this comprehensive report

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