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Andrew O'Malley

Having previously worked in the world of finance, I have been working as a full-time writer for the past 4 years. For the last few years, I have been infatuated with the developing sector of blockchain technology and digital currencies. When I’m not writing, I enjoy partaking in different sports in addition to spending time with family and friends.

potential of blockchain
Guest Expert

The Potential of Blockchain in Digital Advertising | Ending Facebook’s Dominance

The blockchain will likely be able to offer better targeting tools, as well as being a positive step for those supplying the data. There are projects currently in the wor...

how to promote ico with paid traffic
Advanced Tutorials

What Is an ICO and How to Promote it with Paid Traffic?

There was more than $5 billion raised through ICOs in 2017, and this number set to be significantly bypassed in 2018 as more established companies are holding ICOs, rathe...

what is blockchain technology
Affiliate Marketing

What Is Blockchain Technology and Is It Just Used for Bitcoin?

While you don’t need to know the ins and outs of the blockchain to be able to use it, it is a good idea to have some knowledge of what it is and how it works. This is e...