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Around the World: PropellerAds Opens New Office in India

PropellerAds - New office in India

At PropellerAds, we’re constantly working on improving our platforms while also serving the bridge that ushers new regions into an innovative era of marketing.

With the above in mind, we are proud to announce that we’re officially opening an office in the wonderful nation of India!

We have set a high number of ambitious goals for this new office, starting with fortifying our relationships with local affiliates, brands, media buyers, partners, and other incredible professionals. 

Read on to find out more about this exciting news. 

Breaking News – PropellerAds Is Opening a New Office in India

Affiliates, advertisers, brands, and other industry stakeholders from all over the world should take note: PropellerAds is setting up a new office in India!

India has long been one of the top regions for PropellerAds. While we’ve been attending events and building a strong bond with this area for a long time, we’ve decided to move forward with the opening of a new office this year, and we couldn’t be more excited!

It’s no secret that the affiliate market in India and surrounding countries has been on a skyward trajectory for more than a decade. At PropellerAds, we see this firsthand in the growth of our long-term partners. 

This has made us want to stand closer and support these partners while they simultaneously help transform their local affiliate marketing industry and promote growth in one of the world’s most innovative verticals. 

Our New Office in Bangalore

Our new offices in Bangalore are already up and running, which we set up in the “Silicon Valley” of India, the majestic city of Bangalore. 

Our office

This city is home to dozens of multinational corporations as well as established local tech firms that sit atop their individual fields. This is exactly where our offices belong.

Bangalore has been the site of many of India’s first innovations. It was the first city to see a radio club as well as public electric lighting, so it’s only fitting that it serves as the home of our new offices. 

The Advantage of Our New Office for Local Clients

As time will certainly tell, our India-based partners will see a huge number of benefits from our new office.

However, these will all stem from two major advantages, which are greatly improved search and our direct involvement as well as participation in local events. 

Meeting Our Clients in Person

No more boundaries between us: we are happy that we can finally meet you in person much more often than before. And of course, we’ll deliver even more personalized service. So, how about a cup of tea?

Improved Research

Another obvious benefit of our Indian office will be the prioritization of research in the area. 

In other words, we’ll perform more research studies in order to tailor our technologies and adapt our solutions to the Indian market. 

PropellerAds - Indian Office 2-min

Participation in More Local Events

We’ll also be participating in and organizing more local events in order to create a bigger network of industry stakeholders. 

We pride ourselves in the positive impact we’ve had on the affiliate marketing space, and our office in India will focus on having a similar effect on the local industry. 

Local Events We’ve Attended So Far

One of the reasons we’re very excited about our new office is that our team will be able to attend more local events. 

At PropellerAds, our goal is to attend as many events as possible in the areas where we have a presence so that our partners know we’re always working to improve their collective experience. 

This year, we’ve already attended two events in India, including the following:

  • ad:tech New Delhi
  • India Affiliate Summer

In 2022, we’ve also organized our own local event, the India Affiliate Summit Meetup. This was the first event we organized in India, and it was an inspiring and valuable experience for our team of organizers as well as every single attendee. 

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Making Sure that the Indian Market Has the Best of the Best

Opening an office in India went from a decade-long pipedream to a realistic objective for us, so we couldn’t be prouder of finally being able to accomplish this goal,” says Renz Gonzales,  Head of Business Development.

But, the single most exciting part for us is the impact it will have on Indian affiliates, brands, media buyers, and other industry stakeholders.” 

“The industry growth that occurs whenever we set up a new local office is one of our biggest drivers, so we are focused on creating bespoke tools to help professionals in this region get the most from their efforts,” continued Gonzales. 

Stay Tuned for More Important Updates!

Our new office in India is one of the most exciting accomplishments we’ve had in a long time – and we’re known for sharing big updates, attending great events, and partnering with the best.

Follow our blog for more exciting news about PropellerAds and the affiliate marketing industry as a whole.

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