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PropellerAds Is a Member of IAB Europe Now

Member of IAB Europe

On the 6th of December 2021, PropellerAds became a member of IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), a European-level digital marketing community. IAB encourages industry members to cooperate and improve advertising strategies and ethics, following the highest standards of the European market.

One of the main values of IAB is the research and development of the digital advertising sphere as a whole. The greatest thing about IAB is the perfect environment for a dialogue between marketing community members it provides.

From our side, we are glad to contribute, since we have been working on numerous initiatives and advertising innovations aimed at transparency, security, and technification of the advertising ecosystem for 10 years already.

As such, we know the sphere from top to bottom and have solid expertise regarding numerous questions of the advertising market, traffic peculiarities, and leading technological solutions.

Collaboration is the key 

The members of IAB are the leading digital advertising companies around the world. Together, we will search for new efficient ways to protect our customers’ safety and interests, share the results of our research, and do our best to implement the innovative business practices that ensure the development of our own company and the market as a whole.  

“We are delighted to become the latest member of the IAB community – the largest association of the professionals in the industry of online advertising.

PropellerAds strives to provide the best service to its customers and becoming a member of such an organization proves once more that we care the most for the best results our customers can get. IAB membership will allow PropellerAds to share and exchange the experience and best practices with the leading companies in the European Market.” – Farukh Rakhimov, the Head Information Security Department at PropellerAds

Being a member of the IAB community means working by the side of the most trusted and knowledgeable marketing professionals from all over the globe. And we are pretty sure that this new step will make a real difference for PropellerAds and the entire industry. 

Join our Telegram chat to discuss this amazing news! And stay tuned – more surprises and achievements are about to come!


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