First of all, we would like to thank all those of you who participated in our birthday promo. You made our birthday so special – thank you!

Secondly, we have prepared a list of all winners, so in case you couldn’t attend the live stream, you would know if you won 😉

Without further ado, here are the results.

For winners: Please note that our support team will contact you shortly via the email you provided.

Additional Giveaway Results (Advertisers)

Samsung Galaxy Buds ProSady Yoel ****evara4 @ **
Samsung Galaxy Buds ProGad Levy *** @ sato**
AirPods ProSimonenko Georgiy *** @ time***
AirPods ProClaudia Cuadros ****92@***
Nintendo SwitchClaire Paderugao ***irethurston12147*@**
Nintendo SwitchFahd Lyousfi ***usfifa**@**

Main Giveaway Results (Advertisers)

GoPro Hero 9Irina ***adnat*@**
GoPro Hero 9Martin Trebbin ***ilex*t@**
Xbox One XLeonardo ***tromed*aug@**
Xbox One XErik Cagi ***o12*45@l**
iPhone 12No name ***fit@mon**
iPhone 12Angelo ***elo@pe**
MacBook Pro with Apple M1 ChipJames Enaya ***esen***
MacBook Pro with Apple M1 ChipMaria Castilla ***iab*ying@id*
Promo code $1000 on a $1000 depositStephen Ford ***vejf*rd1@**
Promo code $1000 on a $1000 depositDawid Bielski ***ka0*7@**
Promo code $1000 on a $1000 depositNo name ***ketin@medi**

Main Giveaway Results (Publishers)

Samsung Galaxy Buds ProAlaettin Sasmaz ***sma**88@**
Samsung Galaxy Buds ProLe Duc Anh ***anhfak*@**
AirPods ProMuhammad Ahsan ***nahsa*@**
AirPods ProSatish Kumar ***s*rbra@**
GoPro Hero 9Vuong Ho Vu ***ngtien*dt@**
GoPro Hero 9Nitesh Kumar ***eshbadi*al24@**
Xbox One XKhawaja Kamran ***IIr.30*@**
Xbox One XChimezie Godson ***ootball*lus@**
iPhone 12Do Xuan Hoan ***nhoany*cc@**
iPhone 12Dang Thi Han ***ngvananhnghia*909@**

Mystery Box Results

PrizeWinner (Instagram)
Mystery Box@kristieobenario

Thank you very much! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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