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[Case Study] Vulkan Casino (ROI 303%)

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Disclaimer: Please note that this case was provided by one of our clients, and the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of PropellerAds.

This text is a striking proof that good ROI for a newbie doesn’t always come with hard work. Sometimes to succeed you just need Push Notifications, an appropriate offer, and a little bit of effort.

CPA network: 3snet

Offer: Vulkan Casino

Campaign period: Jan 19, 2019 – Jan 20, 2019

Geo: Russia

Spent: $290

Revenue: $1170

Net profit: $880

ROI: 303%

The digression

I was born in a small town. And before landing in affiliate marketing just over 4 months ago, I had a hard time finding a well-paid job.

Now, I wouldn’t call myself an expert, because every day I learn something new. I’m gonna tell this story in my own words, and have to apologize because sometimes I have doubts about some technical terms 🙂

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Affiliate program & Offer

CPA — if you want revenue for the first deposit by players you’ve brought.

Revshare — if you want lifetime revenue share from the casino profit (some percent from the lost bets).

From my experience, I know that СРА model is much more beneficial, i.e., with additional payouts for deposit. That’s a quick and easy way.

While looking through offers at, I ran into Vulkan Casino with a $65 payout for the first deposit. That’s the highest payout I’ve found. And when I talked to the manager of this affiliate program, they increased the payout a bit. Other affiliate programs after I’d mentioned that I’m planning to run push campaigns –they offered me only $45-50.

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Campaign settings

As for campaigns, everything was simple:

1.  Main Info

  • Push Notifications
  • Pricing Model — CPC

propellerads_campaign setup

2. Targeting

  • GEO — Russia
  • Platform — Desktop
  • Browser language — Russian

For the rest, I kept the default setup and just clicked «Next».

case study propellerads geo-targeting

3. Budget

First, I was buying traffic at the lowest and recommended prices. I did it during the whole day, but, perhaps, everyone does it

The next day, I increased the bid and was buying traffic from 18:00 till 23:59 GMT +2; conversions were really high.

propellerads budget

4. Ad Creatives

That’s what I wrote for ad copy; in Russian, the lines are rhymed:

Title: Spin the wheel, get the gift

Description: Join the Vulkan and get the money in your pocket

I didn’t invent anything, thanks to for creative ideas.


Landing page

I used this landing page:

landing pageAfter the user spins the slot machine; he gets 200 free spins and a bonus for the first deposit – up to 30K rubles — very attractive!

vulcan LP


In total, I spent $290.

And earned in — $1170.

The net profit = $880 for 2 days.

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