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Offers: Money amulet BG, HU, SK
Scheme: Main landing page + pre-lander with a horoscope
CPA network: adcombo.com
Main source: propellerads.com (push notifications)
Period: 07/29/2018 – 04/08/2018
GEOs: Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia
Total Spend: $436
Income: $740
Net Profit: $304
ROI: 69.7%


This is a story of how I was running a push notifications campaign. I like to test different ad networks, so a couple of months ago I tried the push notifications format at Propellerads.com.

I had been looking for high converting offers, and accidentally saw Money amulet CPA offer for Europe at Adcombo. Just to be clear, I had some experience working with similar offers targeted at CIS.

money amulet

The pre-lander with horoscopes worked here as well! I had just one standard landing page, so drove traffic there.


How did I drive traffic

Actually, I didn’t give much thought to creatives. Simply copied the texts that used to work well with native ads and translated them to local languages.

It was immediately clear that zodiac images were converting well, so I decided not to test other creatives.

campaign setup

The campaign was running 24/7, conversions were high, and after a couple of days, I added several websites to the blacklist.

GEOs: Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia.

So I opted for CPC, cause CPM was too expensive. I set the bid for $0.01 – 0.02. Was raising the bid when traffic volumes were dropping, and the opposite – reduced when the volumes were way too high.

I drove traffic to all platforms (mobile + desktop) without limits. To sum up, I’m pleased with push traffic on propellerads.com. But you should understand that not all offers can work well … Test and test again!


PA results

The campaign had been running for a week when the conversions started to drop, so I stopped it. Anyway, I got good results: $304 of net profit, pretty much on autopilot, in 7 days.

Time zone differences led to certain differences in stats (see below).


Native creatives can often be used for push ads. If you had run a native ads campaign before, it might be worth testing your old burnt-out creatives with push notifications.

It’s important to keep in mind that propellerads.com forbids adult ads. So your creatives should not contain 18+ stuff.

Good luck and big profits!

Congratulations to the author, Naz Ozzy, on winning the Summer Case Competition from PropellerAds!
Naz Ozzy got into the top three and received a 100% return of his ad spend on the campaign.

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