Affiliate Review: India. The audience, Stats, Creatives [FREE PDF]

Indian affiliate market PDF

We would like to thank Jitendra Vaswani for helping us with this PDF ❤️

Powerful contrasts, rich cultural heritage, and rising interest from affiliate marketers. 

This is India – and you should really get in on the welcoming wagon, or you’ll risk getting left on the outside.  

So put your marketing hat on, and read about everything you need to start advertising for the Indian consumer right away.

  • Prepare to tackle every affiliate marketing milestone starting from the language, the coverage you can expect to have, or the verticals and formats that work best.
  • Find out how to adapt your creatives to speak to the Indian audience, from colors, copy, and symbols, all the way to the spiritual implications, and what to avoid.
  • We measured all the volumes, CTRs, CPMs, best performing OS, platforms, and browsers for this PDF, and we’re sharing it with you completely free of charge.

We also recommend watching our LIVE podcast with Jitendra, where we discuss how to target the Indian audience.


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