Do you miss traveling??

So do we. This is why we decided that with some travel bans still in order, we had to do it virtually. 

Join us, as we go out of our comfort zone, and straight into India’s Affiliate Marketing scenery. Together with Renzi’s guest, let’s figure out how to target the Indian consumer. 

This episode’s exquisite guest is born and raised in India, currently a digital nomad, and the founder of BloggersIdeasJitendra Vaswani

He’ll tell you all about how you can successfully reach the Indian consumer, what are their likes and dislikes, and how to close the deal.

Plus many other differences, based on the GEO location, religion, culture, language, so on and so forth.

But enough talk!  Follow this Podcast: 30th of March, at 4 PM GMT

It’ll give you the chance to ask questions and find out everything about:

?Entering a market best characterized by diversity

?The impact of COVID-19 on the Indian affiliate industry

?The Verticals of the moment

?The factors affecting consumers’ purchasing habits

?GEO differences from the rest of the world

?Creatives, formats, and offers that work in India

?Everything you can think to ask our speakers

We know you’ll have plenty of other questions to ask our host Renzi, and his guest, Jitendra, so we saved plenty of time for you to do just that.

Just make sure to sign up for this podcast ASAP, and get the chance to interact live with our two brilliant speakers.

And remember, you’re only as creative as you allow your campaigns to be. So don’t miss the shot to harness even more creativity: join the podcast!


This copywriting enthusiast has an experience of over 8-years in creating engaging online marketing content for various verticals and formats. Out of passion for copy, she devoted 4 years to master the art of sales. Her journalisms-instilled active listening, combined with the sales-bound charm give her the superpower to break boundaries and establish emotional connections with the users.