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Banned campaigns and advertisers in 2023
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Still No Mercy for Fraud: Banned Campaigns 2023 [Infographics]

Our policy team works 24/7 to protect our traffic from any scam, fraud, and illegal content. Look at our annual banned campaigns report!

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PropellerAds Passes ABC Brand Safety Audit in Flying Colors

Learn why we pay such attention to brand safety, how it impacts you, and find out all the essential details about the audit process

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Guest Expert

Bot Traffic in 2023: Are We Winning the Fight? [Propeller x Voluum]

Discover insights from Propeller x Voluum on combating bot traffic in 2023. Are we winning the fight? Find out in this comprehensive report

fraud shall not pass
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Fraud Shall Not Pass: How We Control Partners’ Traffic Quality?

Advertising requires protective technologies to keep fraud away from your campaigns. Read how PropellerAds checks traffic quality to ensure safety

banned ad campaigns in 2022
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No Mercy for Fraud: Banned Ad Campaigns 2022 [Infographics]

You are wondering how PropellerAds fights fraud? Check out our reflective research and results of 2022 + infographics

Incentive_traffic allowed?
Affiliate Marketing

Fraud or Not: Is Incentive Traffic Allowed?

Harness the power of incentivized traffic to boost engagement and conversions. Drive meaningful results for your business today!

ad fraud
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Not-So-Smooth Criminals: Fighting Ad Fraud

Fraudsters come in all shapes and sizes. They employ a huge variety of channels and techniques to extract funds from regular businesses