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PropellerAds is an official partner of Affiliate Mastery Challenge!

official traffic source partner

We are proud to announce that Propeller Ads is now an Official Traffic Source Partner of the Affiliate Mastery Challenge – the premium 6-week online-course for digital and affiliate marketers.
The training is held by top experts of Stack That Money – one of the most well-known and respectable Affiliate Marketing Community

What is the 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge?

It’s the ultimate walkthrough to affiliate marketing.
The 6 Week AMC provides world-class training to the digital marketing industry. In a space crowded by low quality and typically overpriced information products, the 6 Week AMC delivers content of unparalleled quality and detail within a framework designed from the ground up to facilitate success.
The course covers the basics, the complexities, the tech setup and creative skills, and helps you get to a point where you understand how everything fits together, allowing you to focus on what actually makes you money – running campaigns, testing and optimising. We aren’t a black hat course, we don’t focus on magic bullets and loopholes – this is fundamental training that you can take with you and utilise in any marketing you ever do.
The challenge has been updated and improved and now covers several sources with a heavy focus on testing and optimisation, not making the typical mistake of beating away at a specific offer or source until you’ve lost all your money.
Throughout the 6 weeks you get 1:1 support from multiple teachers, tech staff, and reps from traffic sources and other partners – did we mention that we offer $4000+ in ad credit bonuses from differnet traffic sources, numerous discounts from other vendors, and priority account registrations and approvals with our partner affiliate network? This level of support and mentoring is unparalleled!
The 6 Week AMC has created millionaires out of newbies – no joke. If you have what it takes, this course is your platform for cutting through the fog and surplus of junk information out there.
Don’t miss this course if you have already tried affiliate marketing or running your campaigns with our self-serve advertising platform right now. This is a chance to get exclusive knowledge from top experts, test and apply it to your own campaigns and significantly boost income with Propeller Ads.

P.S. We have heard that there may be spots left if you ask directly. We highly recommend you check this out now!

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