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Richard Newman

Richard B. Newman is an FTC investigation and defense attorney at Hinch Newman LLP. Following him on LinkedIn and Twitter @FTCLawDefense.

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What Dietary Supplement Marketers Must Know About FTC Claim Substantiation Standards

Understand FTC standards for dietary supplement claims. Ensure compliance and credibility in marketing efforts. Stay informed, avoid penalties

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How to Not Get in Trouble with Crypto Offers

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US Sports Betting Affiliates: What’s Going to Change?

Many have predicted that a federal sports betting bill will not be seen in the near future. However, in December 2018 Senators introduced ...

Online-sweepstakes things to know
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Online Sweepstakes: Keeping Your Promotions Legal

Stay on the right side of the law with our guide to online sweepstakes. Learn key regulations and best practices for successful promotions