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[Case Study] Pin Submit + Portuguese traffic (ROI 137%)

Case study -Pin-Submit - portugal

Disclaimer: Please note that this case was provided by one of our clients, and the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of PropellerAds.

How to make irresistible banners for sweepstake campaigns? One of our affiliates shares his experience on how he launched and scaled a successful pin-submit campaign.

In short

Ad Format: Push ads
Affiliate program: Advidi
Offer: Pin Submit 
Campaign period: 14 Oct – 22 Nov 2019
GEO: Portugal
Spent: $1066 
Revenue: $2530
Profit: $1464
ROI: 137%


The manager of my affiliate network gave me a list of top-performing offers. I had tried SOI sweepstake offers, but they didn’t work out for me. Partly because of the volatile nature of push traffic. On the first day, the campaign would be positive and the second day negative and that would eat all my profit.

So I thought to try offers with a higher payout.

I saw that this particular offer is a top-performer for a few weeks, and the payout was also decent $11, so I decided to give this a try.

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Landing page and ad creative 

I started my campaign with 2 landing pages (which I spied from Anstrex spy tool and got them cleaned by landing page cleaning service: The Landers Club which I own) and all 8 banners targeting high user activity. In 2-3 days, I had enough data to drill down into a winning landing page and banner.

Here are the winning banners and landing pages.

Push notification:

propellerads - case study - sweepstakes


Win a 500 euro voucher

Claim your 500 euro voucher


propellerads - sweepstake landing page

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The campaign

In the screenshot below, the first campaign is CPM-based: high user activity. The second is CPM as well: medium and low user activity groups and finally, the third campaign is CPC-based: high user activity, which I used initially to find the winning creatives.

Stats from PropellerAds:

propellerads - case study - sweespatek pin submit

Stats from affiliate network (I also scaled my winning creatives to other networks – so that the stats show a higher revenue):

After 2-3 days of running high user activity with CPC, I was not getting a lot of traffic, so I scaled the offer to low + medium activity. As you can see, the ROI was a little lower, but nevertheless, it was profitable.

I also scaled the campaign to high-cpm traffic. This is what made me the most money. It was not a lot of money on day to day basis, but it was making stable profits every day with no involvement from my side.

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Optimization Process

I established the rules in my tracker to cut a zone when it spends 75% of the payout but has 0 conversions (since I was looking for a min of 25% ROI). The system worked pretty well. More about the optimization process

What I Learned

  1. High payout offers perform better than low payout offers partially because they work better with volatile push-traffic.
  2. Always scale offers with CPC: high activity but make sure to scale it to CPM and medium + low activity. That is where you will make real money.
  3. Use multiple landing pages and banners when you start testing. Not all banners will be profitable, but having multiple banners will increase your chances of finding at least one winning landing page-banner combination.

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